Everyone wants a CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine, but depending on your needs, you may not require, or have space for many of the larger models of engraving equipment on the market. Perhaps you are looking to start your own business, or maybe you’re retired and looking for a hobby to keep you going. Either way, this is a piece of tech that should go on your wish list.

Introducing the first portable, lightweight laser engraving machine

At a mere 50 lbs. this machine is easy to move and light enough to be carried by one person. Simply connect the SN1812 to your laptop computer and you can engrave, mark, and cut on the go. Adding a deep cycle rechargeable battery would make it possible for you to take it from job site to job site. Take the portable laser machine to sporting events, fairs, craft shows, and anywhere else there is a market for personalized custom gifts and souvenirs!

Small, but mighty

An open bottom design allows you to engrave, mark, and cut larger materials that don’t fit into a traditional boxed up style machine. The lightweight, portable laser engraving machine is extremely easy to set-up and takedown. Placing the small laser machine on the lift cart makes it possible to roll it wherever you want, and set up shop. Just pump up the lift cart, slide the saw horses underneath, remove the lift cart, and you’re off! While positioned on the saw horses, you are able to roll items right underneath the laser head for lasering. Its unique open bottom design makes it possible for the laser machine to be put directly onto the floor, countertop, or even on the hood of a car to complete engravings.

Portable Laser Engraver

This machine is the perfect size for the hobbyist. Even if it never leaves your house, the portability of this machine means that you can use it in the living room and store it in the hall closet.

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Cost of Equipment

As far as cost goes, this portable engraving machine is a cheaper hobby than many others such as model railroading. And that’s not even taking into account the money you can make off of the products you can produce. Check out our post about 20 Crafty Uses for a Laser Engraver and Cutter for some ideas. Rest assured, Your ROI is much greater for the SN1812 than it is on a HO scale diesel locomotive.
Portable Laser Engraver

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