Founded in early 2014, DaVinchi Lazerworks, located in Baltimore, Maryland is quickly seeing the opportunities their AP Lazer system brings them. Their laser engraving machine was purchased with high hopes that it could bring some interest to their newly founded company and, like all businesses, generate profit.

Once they completed the initial training process and became familiar with the operation of their laser machine it wasn’t long before they decided it was time to take their business to the next level. They partnered with Chesapeake Monuments, an existing company also located in the Baltimore area, and began producing all of their laser engraving jobs.

Laser Engraved Granite Monument

Partnering with Chesapeake Monuments was an ideal business opportunity for DaVinchi, as all models of AP Lazer are designed to handle large, bulky items such as personal monuments and tombstones, like the ones Chesapeake Monument offers.

In addition to monument work, DaVinchi Lazerworks has also completed many plaques and signs for large corporations such as John Hopkins Hospital. They are currently receiving orders within the state of Maryland, but they have the capabilities and plans to service other customers in surrounding states.

Laser Engraved Sign

What they have to say about AP Lazer

“AP Lazer has a very high quality product compared to some of the other machines out there on the market. Their prices are very competitive and the customer service is outstanding.”

AP Lazer offers businesses and individuals to produce products in just about any market space. With personalization and customization becoming the norm, now is the time to integrate powerful laser equipment into your existing or new business. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for a new business idea or a multi-million dollar company seeking permanent branding on your products, an AP Lazer is a powerful machine that can streamline your processes and offer cutting edge technology.

“We see the future of our business [continuing] to grow [as] we get our name out into the public more and expand our clientele.”

states Konstantin Bozhko, owner of DaVinchi Lazerworks. DaVinchi Lazerworks is located at 11417 Reisterstown Rd in Baltimore, Maryland. They can be reached by phone at (305) 814-9340, by , or by visiting their Facebook page.

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