We offer creative solutions for businesses that want to grow, diversify, and outpace their competition. Our customers bring intangible emotions to life by creating a multitude of “priceless” products.

Who We Are

We are a privately-owned company that believes — memories are meant to be kept and emotions are far more meaningful when brought to life. We are on a mission to give businesses the ability to transform ordinary products into invaluable treasures while offering their customers a one-of-a-kind buying experience.

what we do

We manufacture and support cutting-edge laser technology that provides additional business opportunities and increased profit. With over 50 years of combined laser experience, our team is dedicated to helping businesses grow and diversify while being able to provide unique personalization services.

how we differ

Research any laser machine available on the market today, and you most likely won’t find another one quite like an AP Lazer. All standard systems feature a patented open architecture system; a removable Z table and laser top, all while making it possible to cut and engrave things you never dreamed possible.

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Our Mission & ValuesThe principles that guide our company strategy

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Our Mission

People-centric, our mission is to build “priceless relationships” with our customers to help meet the emotional needs of people from all walks of life. Together, we make the world a more precious place to live.

Core Values

  • We are dedicated to fulfilling our commitment to you.
  • We serve with honesty and integrity as your partner.
  • We value our relationship with you.
  • We offer unsurpassed cooperation and creativity to support your goals.
Tong Li

AP Lazer was created to offer unlimited possibilities to the laser machine industry.

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Our StoryAP Lazer History

With more than 10 years of research and development,  AP Lazer is the first large format, high power laser system that allows for engraving, etching and cutting materials of virtually any size or weight.

Although lasers have been around for decades, there was a need for a more versatile laser machine that could effectively engrave large granite memorials. At the time, this process couldn’t be done with the conventional boxed-up laser systems that were available.

So in 2009, Dr. Tong Li, founder, and CEO of AP Lazer set out to design just that.

AP Lazer machines soon began making their way into monument shops across the United States. And it wasn’t long before other industries began to utilize the advantageous unique two-part design for their own laser cutting and engraving needs.

This single invention has transformed the laser engraving industry and gives businesses and educational organizations alike an exceptional opportunity – to create priceless products that connect with their customers and communities.

AP Lazer now serves many different industries, ranging from signage and memorials to home decor and furniture. and has proven to be an ideal learning tool for schools across the United States.

Business Growth Guide

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Free Download Business Growth Guide

Being able to creatively grow and diversify your business is the key to success in any business. Let us show you what our laser engraving machines can do for you!

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Two guaranteed ways to grow your business with an AP Lazer
  • How to capture a secret market with an unlimited size potential with an AP Lazer
  • How to quadruple the value of your products
  • The benefits of personalization for your business