We offer creative solutions for businesseswho want to grow, diversify and outpace competitorsby bringing intangible emotions to life.

Who we are

We are a privately owned company who believes that memories are meant to be kept and emotions are far more meaningful when brought to life. We are on a mission to give businesses the ability to transform ordinary products into priceless treasures while offering their customers a one-of-a-kind buying experience.

What we do

We manufacture and support cutting-edge laser technology that provides additional business opportunities and increased profit.

With over 50 years of combined laser experience, our team is dedicated to helping businesses grow and diversify while being able to provide unique personalization services.

How we're different

Reseach any laser machine, and you won’t find another one quite like AP Lazer. All standard systems feature a patented open architecture; a removable z table and laser top make it possible to cut and engrave things you never thought possible.

Learn more about our open architecture here.

Our Stats

Headquartered in

Lansing, Michigan

Number of Employees

32 (and growing!)

Established in


Happy Customers


Our Story

When there was a need for a better functioning laser engraving machine to handle the bulkiness and weight of large granite memorials, owner, and president of SuperNova International, Tong Li, owner of AP Lazer set out to design just that.

Although lasers had been around for decades, there wasn’t one that could effectively and efficiently engrave on large, bulky items quite like Tong and his growing team envisioned.

Tong saw this as an opportunity to design a new kind of laser machine, specially designed to handle large and bulky items the traditional “boxed-up” laser systems could not. This tool would change the way people are memorialized.

Manufacturing began, and a patent was granted for the open architecture design of the AP Lazer. AP Lazer machines were making their way into monument shops across the U.S. Its unique two-part design made sure it wasn’t long before other industries began to seek out AP Lazer for their laser cutting engraving needs.

AP Lazer now serves many different industries ranging from signage and manufacturing to automotive and firearms.

AP Lazer has proven to be an ideal learning tool and is making appearances in schools across the U.S.

What are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of AP Lazer Machine users growing and diversifying their businesses.


Customer Stories

Hear from those who have used AP Lazer devices first hand. Our machines help improve profitability by expanding the range of products and materials that can be customized with our lasers.

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