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With a wide array of high-quality CO2 laser machines, AP Lazer delivers on its commitment to top-notch service in the industry. Our machines use CNC-controlled, precision-focused laser beams to cut or etch designs on metals, wood, and other materials. An open-architecture with a removable top gives you the opportunity to add priceless personalization to large weighty materials that would not fit in a conventional ‘boxed-in’ laser system. We provide premium technical support and a complete turnkey pricing package.

As a laser machine marking distributor, and a laser machine cutting distributor, we have you covered on all fronts. Explore our store for more information about each AP Lazer model. You can also use our comparison tool to help you choose which laser cutting and engraving machine is best for your business.

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We have the advantage of at least a decade’s worth of market research and product testing. Through our research and development team, we gained a thorough understanding of what businesses really need: a flexible design, powerful lasers, clean and smooth cuts and etchings, compatibility with a wide range of materials, and scalability, among other things.

You’ll find that we’ve incorporated all these into the laser cutting and engraving machines we sell. We’ve provided the specifications and features of our products below. You can also get more information by clicking on the link for each model.

Sn4836Lr Laser Machine

SN4836LR Laser Machine

  • Engraving Area
    48” x 36” (1219 x 914mm)
  • C02 Power
    100 watts
  • Carriage Footprint
    8.5′ x 6′
Sn4024Lr Laser Machine

SN4024LR Laser Machine

  • Engraving Area
    40” x 24” (1016 x 610mm)
  • C02 Power
    100 watts
  • Carriage Footprint
    8′ x 5′
Sn2816Lr Laser Machine

SN2816LR Laser Machine

  • Engraving Area
    28” x 16” (711 x 406mm)
  • C02 Power
    90 watts
  • Carriage Footprint
    7′ x 5′
Sn2616Lr By Ap Lazer

SN2616LR Laser Machine

  • Engraving Area
    26” x 16” (457 x 406mm)
  • C02 Power
    60 watts
  • Carriage Footprint
    4.9′ x 3.2′
1812Lr Laser Machine

SN1812LR Laser Machine

  • Engraving Area
    18” x 12” (457 x 305mm)
  • C02 Power
    30 watts
  • Carriage Footprint
    4.9′ x 2.7′

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Functions & ApplicationsHow it Works, Uses & Industries

AP Lazer CO2 laser machines can cut, engrave, and etch a variety of materials and surfaces. We use the latest CNC technology (computer-aided machinery) that uses top-of-the-line customization software to guide laser movement, direction, and depth.

How it Works

Our machines use a predominantly-CO2 gas mixture and electricity to produce a powerful laser beam that can cut through most materials. The laser (whose illumination is the result of “excited” nitrogen gas) passes through a tube surrounded by tiny mirrors, which are then responsible for bending the laser towards the correct direction. CNC technology allows users to program the path of the laser according to a specific and often personalized design.

Laser Machine Sn4024

Laser Machine Uses

Any of our models can give you the ultimate freedom to personalize designs. Whether you’re cutting and designing products for your brand or creating for a customer, our CNC-guided machines can produce the output you want:


Our laser cutting machines use powerful CO2 gas lasers that can cut through most materials like wood, plastic, foam, fabrics, paper, and glass. With precision control from CNC integration, our laser machines can make precise cuts at speeds much faster than other mechanical cutting equipment.


We take CNC cutting to the next level with our laser carver. Use this machine to create 3D wood art pieces made from softwood panels or to add carvings on wood panels intended for walls, floors, and trims.


Etching & Engraving

Gain the ability to replicate etchings on wood products as massive as flooring panels or as tiny as souvenir keychains. AP Lazer’s open-architecture design enhances the applications of our powerful laser-etching CNC machines. Use it to scale up or scale down your production.


Our machines may specialize in subtractive functions, but they work just as well in marking surfaces for design purposes. Configure your AP Lazer to make clear, precise, and lasting marks on metal plates, fabrics, glass, or plastics. Plus, you have the ability to mass replicate your designs.


AP Lazer products can support small and large businesses across a broad range of industries:


Our powerful and robust CO2 laser cutting machines can be a great addition to production lines for automotive parts and accessories. AP Lazer’s high-precision machines can cut through leather, rubber, plastic, and more. Clean, smooth, and uniform cuts — easily guaranteed.


Our CNC-guided, high-performance laser cutters are so precise that we’re confident they can reduce wastage in manufacturing. Our machines can cut through a vast range of materials, including composites, brick, and stone. AP Lazer can easily fit into the manufacturing lines for countertops, commercial signage, fences, metalworks, electronics, and more.


In support of small businesses, we have compact CNC laser etching machines built specifically for small-scale production. These models can customize etchings on accessories, notebooks, mugs, keychains, souvenirs, collectibles, and various gift items.

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Transform your business with CO2 laser engraving technology

Just like any technology, it takes time, resources, and proper training to maximize the benefits offered by a CO2 laser cutting machine. But investing in the right CO2 laser cutters and etching machines can quickly boost your ROI and make your products stand out from the crowd.

With AP Lazer, you gain access to unrivaled precision, accuracy, and personalization. Buy our laser engravers and scale up your production in no time.

Best-in-class laser etching machines for sale

AP Lazer leverages the latest CNC technology that utilizes top-of-the-line customization software to guide laser depth, direction, and movement. Buy our laser engraving machines and create unique and meaningful products for your customers.

Interested in buying an AP Lazer engraving machine? Get a price estimate today.