• 48” x 36” (1219 x 914mm)

  • 100 watts

  • 40” x 24” (1016 x 610 mm)

  • 100 watts

  • 28” x 16” (711 x 406 mm)

  • 80 watts

  • 18" x 12" (457 x 305 mm)

  • 40 watts


General Laser Cutting and Engraving Applications

General Applications

No Size or Weight Restrictions

More Versatile Means Bigger Profits

Add New Service Capabilities

Laser Engrave Granite Memorials - Laser Engraver for Granite

Memorial Applications

Preserve Precious Memories

Offer Cremation Memorials

Diversify into Profitable Markets

Laser Engraver for Funeral Home - laser engraved urns - how to laser engrave an urn

Funeral Applications

Provide Priceless Memorial Keepsakes

Capitalize on Cremation

Diversify into New Markets

Laser Machine for Education - Lasers for schools - laser for makerspace - laser cutter for learning


Provide New Learning Opportunities

Endless Real-Life Applications

Generate Revenue for Your School



Expand Capabilities

Add High Detail Artwork

High ROI & Low Operating Cost

Start a laser engraving business

Start Ups

Start a New Business

Versatile Equipment for Any Application

Assistance in Equipment Selection


*Strictly confidential


2 Part Design


A removable home base means you can engrave any siz e or weight material.

Complete Packages

Inclues Support and Training

Receive on-site training and 24/7 technical support with your machine purchase.

Large Market Potential

Large Material Capabilities

A large laser machine means large mat erial capabilit ies and t apping int o unexplored market s.

2 Part Design

Patented Open Architecture

A removable home base means you
can engrave any size or weight material.

Complete Packages

Includes Support, Training and Guarantee

Receive on-site training, 24/7 live technical support and a 60-day money-back-guarantee with your machine purchase.

Large Market Potential

Large Material Capabilities

Tap into large, unexplored markets with the ability to customize nearly any sized object.

Customer Stories

See how others are using their AP Lazer first hand. Machine owners are improving profitability by expanding the range of products and materials that can be customized with a laser. What will you do?

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NYSCATE 2017 | Rochester, New York

Half and full-day hands-on workshops take place on the first two days of the conference, which will be held in Rochester, NY. Over 120 presentations by teachers and technology experts are given over the three day period.

PRI Expo 2017 | Indianapolis, Indiana

Join the world’s top racing professionals and more than 1,200 exhibiting companies in Indianapolis, Indiana, December 7-9, 2017.

International Builders Show

Every year, IBS provides attendees with countless opportunities to network, learn and share with each other. Plan to celebrate achievements, hear inspiring stories and even network with fellow industry leaders at one of the many extras scheduled at IBS 2018.


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