Laser Engraving and Marking Machine for Bricks

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Marking and Engravingfor Bricks, Clay, and Stone Tiles

AP Lazer’s CNC laser machines are the perfect tools for businesses that offer brick and clay tile engraving. The output our machines produce is top-quality: they don’t use paint or epoxy, so the marks don’t fade over time. Plus, with our highly-developed CNC technology, our laser marking and engraving machines for brick products can elevate your services. They will meet, if not exceed, your customers’ expectations (one of the keys to finding success in business!).

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How Does Laser Machining Workon Clay Tiles and Bricks?

The methodology of laser engraving and marking is the same for bricks as with other materials like leather, paper, or plastic. AP Lazer uses CO2 gas mixed with hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen to create the infrared laser that will cut through the brick surface. Electricity runs through the narrow tube where these gases are released, activating the gases into a high-temperature laser. At the end of the tube, strategically-placed reflective mirrors direct the laser towards the object placed on the machine’s workspace.

The machine is run by CNC technology, which allows operators to program what will be engraved on the brick. With AP Lazer, you can customize the style (aesthetic elements), font, depth of the engraving, size of the marked area, and more.

Quality engraving + a high level of customization = new revenue streams for your business!


Laser Machine


This the largest and top-selling laser engraving and cutting machine. The patented removable top and open architecture design coupled with the large 48” x 36” engraving space frees you from size and weight limitations. With a 100w laser tube, upgradable to 130w, you can blast into stone, slice through thick acrylic, and many other materials.


Laser Machine


This laser engraving and cutting machine is a great choice for most of your needs. The removable laser top, EZ-leveling system, and high power 100w laser tube, upgradable to 130w, make this a powerful resource - especially for larger products that do not fit in conventional “boxed” laser systems.


Laser Machine


This laser engraving and cutting machine is our standard model. The removable laser top, EZ-leveling system, and high power 80w laser tube, upgradable to 100w, make this a powerful resource – especially for products that require a more portable system.


Laser Machine


Our SN2616 Laser Machine is a great entry-level option for any business or start-up. This laser machine is a lightweight option while providing a large engraving area. The removable laser top, EZ-leveling system, and high power 60w laser tube make this a powerful resource.

Sn1812 4

Laser Machine


This laser machine also features our patented open architecture design. This is the smallest and most portable version of our laser, weighing only 75lbs. This lightweight design allows you to roll objects directly beneath the laser head or position it directly on the object itself.

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Laser Engraving Offers AdvantagesYou Don’t want to miss

If your customers want to make a big impression outside, brick and stone engraving is the perfect product to meet their needs. Lasering clay bricks with your AP Lazer turns the engraved clay into hardened glass, making them attractive and resilient outdoor solutions. Personalized bricks are a great way to fundraise, but there is also a high demand for custom landscaping stones and pavers that further open your engraving business to a new market.

Types of Bricks You Can Engrave

Our powerful, CNC laser engraving machines for brick and stone surfaces can produce etchings that will last a lifetime. Businesses that offer customization of the following brick products can benefit from the AP Lazer machines:

  • Clay bricks and tiles
  • Stone tiles
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain

You have everything to gain when you invest in AP Lazer.

Brick laser engraving doesn’t only set the standards for quality, it also offers other benefits to your business.

  • Cost-efficiency, Accuracy, Quality – CNC technology ensures that every brick or stone piece emerges perfectly marked. You can optimize your operating budget and timetables with few to zero errors and wasted materials.
  • Personalization, Product Diversification – When customers want the best, they’re willing to pay a premium for it. AP Lazer enables you to offer a high level of personalization and produce superior-quality markings on memorials, commemorative plaques, and other brick and stone engravings that evoke pride, sympathy, and other powerful human emotions.
  • Many of the businesses that come to us for laser and CNC machine solutions are in the memorial and landscaping industries. We also supply machines to enterprising crafters who specialize in personalized stone products, like nameplates, signages, decorative art pieces, charms, and other novelty gift items.
  • Give your customers premium-quality products and services, and you can earn their confidence and support in return. AP Lazer gives you the tools to do this with brick laser engraving machines that are the products of 10 years of market and technology research.

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