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Category: customer spotlight

Customer Success Story: Mike Mims, Cherokee Caskets

We got a chance to share another feature on Performance TV with one of our outstanding customers, Mike Mims. Mike’s business, Cherokee Caskets, purchased the SN4836 laser machine 2 years ago, and…

Customer Success Story: Okeechobee Funeral Home

We join Matt Buxton of Okeechobee Funeral Home on Performance TV, where he shares the success he’s had using our AP Lazer and how it’s empowered his business to diversify business and offer new…

Laser Engravers for Fab Labs and Makerspaces

Laser Engravers for Fab Labs or Makerspaces A high-precision laser machine produces both functional and beautiful items, making it one of the most used tools in a fab lab. It’s ability to cut and…

Customer Spotlight: MD Custom Engraving

In 2010, MD Custom Engraving LLC purchased their first laser engraving machine, a jewelry engraving machine. Maya Dickemore took on most of the work because of her flexible schedule. But due to the…

Customer Spotlight : DaVinchi Lazerworks

Founded in early 2014, DaVinchi Lazerworks, located in Baltimore, Maryland is quickly seeing the opportunities their AP Lazer system brings them. Their laser engraving machine was purchased with high…


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