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9 Questions To Ask Before You Purchase a Laser Machine

If you want to purchase a laser machine to start a laser engraving business (laser etching business), you most likely have a list of questions needing answers. In this post, we’ve answered some common questions about buying a laser engraver machine.

1. The capacity of laser engraving machines:

The capacity of your laser machine plays a pivotal role in defining the scope and competitiveness of your business in the targeted market. A high-capacity, versatile laser engraver and precision part cutter allows you to adapt and tap into new markets, especially when facing saturation in your current niche.

Before you purchase a laser machine, matching its capabilities with your business growth is crucial. Here are vital aspects to consider:

Laser Power & Bed Size:

The power of your laser impacts the engraving speed and depth. Higher power will allow you to cut thicker materials in one path. Opt for a higher-power laser engraver-cutter if your business demands swift, deep engraving, especially for more rigid materials, or if you plan to have laser cutters for wood or acrylic into signages. This is vital for maintaining efficiency and expanding material versatility. Please study the following chart for laser power and the material thickness it can cut.

CO2 laser power vs. Thickness of materials

The bed size of your CO2 laser etching machine determines the maximum area available for engraving. It is the machine’s x-y motion range, and it is the ultimate cutting size as well. A larger bed size means the ability to handle more significant items and the convenience of engraving multiple smaller items simultaneously, thus boosting productivity. However, note that the bed size, often indicated in dimensions like 48 “x36”, differs from the maximum size of engravable objects.

  • Ap Lazer Can Lead You To Wider Range Of Markets For Your Laser Engraving Business (Laser Etching Business).

    AP Lazer Can Lead You to a Wider Range Of Markets For Your Laser Engraving Business (Laser Etching Business).

Engravable Object Size and Height:

The capacity of a laser engraving machine to accommodate various sizes and heights of objects is crucial. Your ability to engrave from small keychains to bulky or irregularly shaped items can significantly broaden your market reach. Ensuring your laser machine can handle diverse object dimensions is critical to expanding your marketing and sales potential.

2. What size and space of a laser engraver cutter do I need for my laser etching business?

What Size Of machine do I need?

That question is difficult for us to answer, as it depends on your plans for the laser machine and the most oversized size material for engraving or laser cutting machines. AP Lazer’s patented open architecture provides you with limitless opportunities, but the size of the machine will ultimately determine the size of the material and ease of engraving ability. Generally, bigger is better simply because if you have a giant machine, you have more options and opportunities to engrave larger objects than if you purchase a smaller machine. It’s entirely up to you and which revenue streams you’d like to tap into.

How much space will I need for the laser engraving business?


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SN2616LR The Best CO2 Laser Machine For Small Business Startup – The most versatile, lightweight, and movable, with no size or weight limitations.

Laser machines range drastically in size, from small desktop engraving machines to large gantry-style laser engraving machines. For your laser engraving business, you also need to know the space requirements of AP Lazer machines. The largest of our machines require at least an 11′ by 8′ space. If less space is available, our smaller line of machines can fit in an area as little as 8′ by 5′. It is best if your laser engraving machine is in a space that shares a wall with the outdoors for convenient ventilation. Installing a 6″ fan will push any fumes or smells from the top of the machine to the outdoors. The AP Lazer should also be near a standard 110v power outlet, so extension cords aren’t unnecessary. One less tripping hazard is always better. Read more about safety tips.

Besides the space for your laser machine, You also need to consider your workspace, what products you plan to inventory, and if you need to meet customers in your space.

3. Before you purchase a laser machine, determine the learning curve amount.

When selecting a laser engraving machine to start or diversify your business, it’s essential to consider the learning curve involved with its operation. Assessing how user-friendly the hardware and software are is crucial, as is the availability of training resources such as online videos and comprehensive knowledge bases. Understanding the level of ongoing support, including one-on-one training and technical assistance, is vital for smooth operation.

AP Lazer’s comprehensive one-on-one virtual or onsite hands-on training at our Las Vegas branch and 24/7/365 tech support can dramatically reduce your learning curve.

Another critical factor is the software compatibility of the laser engraver or etching machine. Compatibility with popular industry software like Lightburn can simplify learning, which often means more accessible online resources and community support.

It’s essential to recognize that the learning curve can be a hidden cost, especially for entrepreneurs focused on business growth rather than intricate machine operations. Choosing a laser engraving or etching machine that balances technical capabilities and ease of use is crucial for effective business integration.

5. What kind of training is available for starting an engraving business?

Highly skilled technicians will spend one day assisting you in getting your machine up and running and helping you get familiar with the machine. Following the step-by-step instructions and assembling your machine before the one-on-one virtual training will leave more time for a technician to answer more detailed questions. Additionally, we offer 24/7 technical phone support, and Advanced Training is available should you require it.

Ready to grow your business? Download our free guide: The Ultimate Guide to Business Growth With a Laser. 

6. Ensuring Comprehensive LIFE TIME Support with Your Laser Engraving Machines.

When investing in laser engravers or laser etching machines, understanding the scope of included technical support is crucial. The value of tech support cannot be overstated, as business downtime due to machine issues can lead to significant financial losses, ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour.

Often, machines become unusable due to lack of support, running in a faulty mode until they become unfixable, or replacement parts are unavailable. LIFETIME support is crucial for your machine’s life span and resell value.

Consider the support format provided: Via phone, email, or chat? Also, it’s essential to have customers know the availability of this support – is it only during working hours, or is it more extensive?

AP Lazer stands out by offering 24/7/365 North America-based phone support for the lifetime of your machine. This support, including Facetime for on-the-spot troubleshooting and remote login capabilities for adjusting settings, can swiftly resolve issues, correct user errors, and answer your queries.

Such robust support ensures that even a machine that has been in use for ten years receives the same level of care as a new one, significantly extending the machine’s lifespan and ensuring continuous operation for your business. The best CO2 laser for small businesses has the most versatile capability and, most importantly, the best support.

7. What kind of warranty is offered?

Ask about the warranty duration. AP Lazer machines carry a three-year parts warranty, a two-year tube and mirror warranty, and the lens is warranty for one year. When researching machine warranties, the tube, mirror, and lens are essential to pay attention to, as most other laser cutter and engraver warranties count these parts as “consumable items” and cover them from 90 days to not at all. On top of everything, we also include a year of technical support and 24/7/365 lifetime technical phone support.

Long Term Machine Cost Source Horizontal2 1

Laser machines can be paid for in various ways, but most commonly are purchased with cash (capital purchase) or by financing the laser equipment.

8. How will I pay for my laser machine?

Laser machines can be paid for in various ways, but most commonly are purchased with cash (capital purchase) or by financing the laser equipment.

● Cash. It is an excellent option for existing businesses, as any profit you make with the machine is 100% yours from the beginning.

 Finance-to-own. Financing a laser engraving machine provides many convenient options to suit your financial needs best. Most financing companies offer some deferment option, giving you time to get the machine in your possession, receive training, pass the learning curve, and generate profits before you write the first check. Financing allows you to deduct the full amount of the purchase price of your laser in the first year when you utilize Section 179.

● Credit Card. You may pay for your complete diode laser engravers machine with a credit card. (3% fee applies).

● Utilize a bank of your choice for the option of a standard equipment or business loan, home equity loan, or line of credit. Federal grants are readily available if you are a non-profit or for-profit organization such as a school or university.

9. How am I going to operate a profitable laser engraving business?

Making money with a laser machine is essentially up to the owner/operator. AP Lazer machines boast unique features that will set you apart from other laser machines and allow you to make money quickly.

Realizing the potential and taking advantage of our patented open architecture is extremely valuable and will provide you with many opportunities. With AP Lazer, you have no boundaries and never have to say “no” to anyone capable of completing their job. Your only limitation is your creativity and desire to laser-cut metal, but you can engrave metal with coating or bare metal with Cermark spray.

When entering the Emotional Marketplace with no size or weight limitations, you can diversify your business into unlimited low-competition and high-profit markets.

Diversify Your Laser Engraving Business Or Start A Profitable Laser Engraving Business In Emotional Marketplace.

Diversify Your Laser Engraving Business Or Start Your laser engraving business In Emotional Marketplace.

Please download the FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide For Business Growth With AP Lazer

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We hope to have answered some of your common questions about purchasing a laser machine and inspired you along the way. If you have additional questions we didn’t cover, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 800-585-8617

By Tong Li

January 9, 2024




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