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AP Lazer vs. Glowforge Laser: What’s The Better Buy?

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If you’re thinking of starting a laser etching and engraving business, you definitely need the right technology to maximize profits and ensure top-notch product quality.

Two of the most popular laser cutting machines are AP Lazer, which uses CO2 lasers, and Glowforge Laser which relies on 3D laser printing technology. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two brands to help you find the right machine for your business needs.

Comparison Table Of Ap Lazer Vs Glowforge Laser Machine


While both AP Lazer machines and Glowforge 3D laser printers may be able to offer quality laser cutter machines at reasonable prices, AP Lazer offers a more complete solution.

AP Lazer users enjoy turnkey packages that include:

  • Complete software and accessories needed to take on all types of cutting and engraving projects
  • 24/7 tech support for as long as you own your machine
  • One-on-one training
  • 3-2-1 warranty

AP Lazer also offers flexible payment options, including seasonal billing and custom terms. Customers can avail themselves of tailored financing plans that fit their budget and meet their individual needs. 


Most laser cutting machines release potentially dangerous fumes that must be vented properly.

If you purchase any Glowforge laser cutting machine, you’ll get an 8′ exhaust vent hose with their standard accessory kit. Unfortunately, users have reported that the Glowforge exhaust vent hose is rather flimsy and prone to tearing the more you connect and disconnect it.

Mandi Showcase Laser Machine 1

The machine’s exhaust port can also be quite shallow, and it requires extra effort to keep the hose and ring clamp attached. Glowforge owners may have to purchase an exhaust port extender to ensure adequate ventilation.

Another way to vent the Glowforge laser cutter is through the Glowforge Air Filter, which costs an additional $1,000 plus $250 for every new filter cartridge.

On the other hand, AP Lazer models are equipped with a blower and a fitted aluminum flexible vent that attaches to the top of the machine to remove dangerous fumes and exposure to hazards.


For 6 months, the Glowforge warranty covers:

  • Basic models
  • Compact Filter
  • Glowforge Air Filter
  • Plus and Pro models are covered for 12 months

AP Lazer offers one of the best warranty coverages in the market. Users can take advantage of:

  • A lifetime 24/7/365 tech support
  • 3-year parts warranty
  • 2-year tube and mirror warranty
  • 1-year warranty for focal lenses

Material thickness and cutting size

Glowforge Basic and Plus laser cutting machines can accommodate materials up to 12″ x 20.4”. The Pro model includes a pass-through slot that can handle materials up to 20.4″ wide with an unlimited length.

Laser Cutting Blue Acrylic

Glowforge laser engravers are ideal for materials as thick as 1/2”, although multiple passes may be required. The tray can be removed for engraving projects involving objects as thick as 2”.

AP Lazer has no weight or size limitations, setting it apart from other laser cutting machines on the market. Its open-architecture design and removable home base (z-axis) make engraving large, thick, and heavy objects possible.

Another great thing about AP Lazer machines is that they can easily accommodate materials or items that would not fit in a traditional ‘boxed-in’ laser system. This flexibility opens up vast possibilities for both hobbyists and business owners.

The AP Lazer Difference

When it comes to laser cutting machines, AP Lazer is the superior choice. With a wide range of top-notch CO2 laser machines and lifetime 24/7/365 tech support, AP Lazer gives you the ultimate freedom to personalize designs and meet all of your laser etching and cutting needs.

Request a quote for best-in-class laser cutting machines. 


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