Bring Big Acrylic Signs to Life with AP Lazer

The sign industry is a booming enterprise. When it comes to creating big acrylic signs, a laser cutting, and engraving machine is a MUST.

Hello Sign

Sign makers are streamlining their processes even further by using a laser for cutting and engraving thick pieces of acrylic that would otherwise need to be processed through a CNC router. Unlike CNC routers, however, using a laser for acrylic will result in minimal clean-up and high-quality, detailed finishes.

Our laser machines’ capacity to cut signage and etch unique designs is almost limitless. Imagine the added revenue your business can earn from laser engraving high detail photos, cutting acrylic logos, and other intricate artwork to create priceless products that are meaningful to customers.

Why AP Lazer?

1. Open Architecture Design

From our entry-level SN1812 to the much larger SN4836, the real value that AP Lazer brings when considering a laser for acrylic is found in our open-architecture design. This means that you can engrave small items like ADA signage and large bulky items like massive outdoor signs – size or weight is not an issue!

Man Holding Door Under Ap Lazer Machine

That’s a feature you just can’t find in traditional boxed-up laser machines and is a great way to separate yourself from the competition.

Our two-part assembly allows our machines to be configured in multiple ways, allowing for large, heavy, or irregular-shaped objects to fit underneath. Your full sheet of acrylic is no exception. Simply lay your FULL SHEET of acrylic on your table surface and roll it underneath the laser head – hassle-free.

2. Easy Leveling and Alignment

The AP Lazer comes with multiple cutting surface options. Located underneath the removable
honeycomb table surface is a cutting table designed specifically for cutting materials such as acrylic. The cutting table helps prevent the reflection of light and/or the impression of the honeycomb being indented into the acrylic.

Guy Adjusting Machine Alignment And Leveling

The innovative leveling system is designed to be user-friendly and easily adjusts to align with any surface for any job. It even allows you to place the removable top directly onto any flat surface such as marble or granite flooring and engrave. This design is coupled with a machine that uses a powerful and capable CO2 laser cutter.

Lasers & Acrylic

Laser cutting acrylic is a popular application of AP Lazer machines. When cutting extruded acrylic, an AP Lazer will cut cleanly and smoothly resulting in a flame-polished edge – no post-processing needed!

Looking to engrave acrylic? Reach for a sheet of cast acrylic. Cast acrylic is an optimal choice as it turns a frosted white color when engraved. Due to its durability, cast acrylic is less likely to chip, warp, or melt while milling. This kind of acrylic is harder and sturdier than extruded acrylic sheets.

Santa And Boy Acrylic Ornament
Laser engraved cast acrylic ornament
Raised Black Acrylic Logo Up-Close
Laser-cut extruded acrylic letters

AP Lazer is the perfect investment for your sign shop. Here’s why:

  • Your AP Lazer functions like much of the equipment you’re already used to operating. It functions similarly to your CNC router and desktop printer.
  • There’s no post-processing or wear on the tools, and there’s very little maintenance involved. 
  • But the power of a laser doesn’t just stop at the signage market. There are dozens of high-profit markets that you can tap into with your AP Lazer.

How Thick of Acrylic Can You Cut?

The answer to this question depends on the wattage of your AP Lazer Machine. Here’s a breakdown for each AP Lazer Model:

SN1812+ – 1/16”-1/8”
SN2616 – 1/8”-1/4”
SN2816 – 1/4”-1/2”
SN4024 & SN4836 – up to 1 inch!

As you increase in wattage, you will be able to increase the thickness of acrylic you can cut.

Do More with Acrylic

Earrings By &Quot;You Are My Sunshine&Quot;

While acrylic is great for the sign industry, you are not limited to just acrylic signs!

  • 3d models
  • Earrings/pendants/buttons
  • Containers/boxes
  • Cake/cupcake toppers
  • Custom awards
  • Holiday ornaments
  • and much more!

Beyond Acrylic

You are not limited to just acrylic. The versatility of the AP Lazer allows you to work with a wide variety of materials such as:

2 Engraved Orange Insulated Tumblers
  • Wood
  • Granite
  • Brick
  • Glass
  • Coated Metals
  • Ceramic
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Marble
  • Melamine Paper
  • Beyond Acrylic
  • Rubber
  • Wood Veneer
  • Fiberglass
  • Tile
  • Plastic
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Bare Metals


Engraved Bride Squad Sign With Bride Name And Hearts

An AP Lazer is so versatile it fits into a variety of markets in the form of product enhancement. Product enhancement is the concept of capitalizing on an existing product by adding features and other offerings to increase sales and profits. With an AP Lazer, you’ll be able to add personalized touches such as photos, artwork, or logos to existing products BEYOND the signage industry.

Quickly grow your reach and customer base by diversifying your services. Explore new horizons and markets with the customization possibilities of an AP Lazer. Here are some other markets to consider:

  • Alcoholic Beverage
  • Woodworking
  • Pet Products
  • Sporting Goods
  • Wedding Items
  • Awards
  • Firearms
  • Construction
  • Small Gifts

Grow your Business with AP Lazer

  1. Floor engraving is uncharted territory. Anything from logos to marketing messages can be directly engraved on floors with your AP Lazer, giving your business a leading edge over the competition. Many high-traffic floors and pavements have great advertising value.
  2. Doors, windows, and business furnishing can also be engraved with branding designs, resulting in a high-class image for your customers and a high profit for your business.
  3. In addition to signage, your customer base is also in need of more business promotional products, which is a $17 billion market in the US. Corporate gifts have grown in 2019 from $217 billion to $243 billion in 2021. AP Lazer can lead you to diversify into those fast-growing markets

AP Lazer vs. CNC

Laser machines are compatible with numerous materials, allowing you to create a wide variety of personalized products and gifts. Each material you work with, whether it’s wood, glass, etc., will have different speed and power settings to ensure absolute precision, which allows you to save on labor and material cost. These settings are also in place to prevent damage to the materials you use. With CNC routers alone, you tend to miss out on the precision that comes with the use of a laser cutting and engraving machine.

Co2 Laser Machines Vs Cnc Routerscomparison

AP Lazer has less than half of the footprint of a CNC machine, so you save on space in your shop. but has unlimited engraving functions with no size or weight limitations. It will greatly increase the shop floor revenue per square foot, and dramatically reduce machine idle time if you are a small volume sign shop.

Diversify Your Signage Business

Signage businesses rely on AP Lazer machines and turn-key solutions to grow their businesses. With a laser sign cutter, you’ll gain the ability to create exceptional designs for big acrylic signs, as well as other types of signage, POS/pop-up displays, and illuminated advertising.

An AP Lazer allows you to creatively diversify your signage business into new unexplored markets with many high-profit opportunities. With the overhead paid by your signage business, any additional revenue you generate is money in your pocket!

Want to discover how an AP Lazer can diversify your sign business?
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