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Sourcing Laser Engraving Blanks: Our Top Suppliers

Laser engravable blanks: our top suppliers

So you have a laser machine. You’re excited about the possibilities (and rightly so) your laser is about to provide you and your business. The next step to getting the most out of your laser is finding the best materials to use as your blank canvas. But where to begin? We’ve  Here are some great places to consider when sourcing laser engraving blanks to create those beautiful products your customers will love:

1. AP Lazer’s Online Webstore

At AP Lazer, we’re passionate about providing you with not only the best in laser technology but also the best engraving materials possible. Our Granite Blanks are a great place to start, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to the products you can create with them. Create beautiful pet memorial tiles, tribute tiles for lost ones, or commemorate a special event such as a wedding or anniversary.
The shop also features engravable items like blank bamboo items and slate tiles in a variety of sizes. Browse a selection of fully laserable urns and pet memorials, both a rising (and lucrative) market trend.

You’ll also find machine accessories and parts to keep your AP Lazer up and running as smoothly as possible.

2. SuperNova International

If you’re looking for larger granite pieces, look no further than AP Lazer’s parent company, SuperNova International. This is another great place to find quality memorial blanks of all different types. Whether you need standard memorials, benches, pet memorials, or statues. SuperNova is a great place to find quality granite memorials, however, because they are a wholesale distributor, you’ll need to have a valid tax id to make a purchase.

3. Johnson Plastics Plus

If you’re a laser owner, chances are you will find something your customers will love at Johnsons Plastics Plus. With one of the most extensive selections of blank engravable products, they are a great place to start if you’re new to laser engraving. Just browsing through their online catalog will provide you with hundreds of creative ideas for products you can create.  JPP’s strength is in their wide selection of small blanks, from awards to photo frames to keychains. You’ll also find sheet stock like acrylic, foam board metal, plastic, and wood.
Not only do they offer blank materials, but we’re also impressed by the engraving supplies. For example, cleaning accessories for your laser, a variety of paints and fills, and the tools you need to create ADA approved braille signage.

4. LaserSketch

It’s worth first mentioning that LaserSketch offers what they claim to be the number one fundraising brick available, LaserBricks. These bricks were specifically developed for laser engraving, and promise perfect results every time. These bricks are ideal if you are looking to produce fundraising bricks for your school or other community outreach event.

Bricks aren’t the only thing they offer. Browse their website for unique engravable blanks that you won’t find anywhere else. Our favorites are their beautiful line of agate products, glass jewelry boxes,  and various other pieces of engravable jewelry.

Looking to produce eye-catching acrylic signage? Check out their single color edgelite kits. Light up a small acrylic shelf to hold your DVD player or a large engraved sign for a trade show, the possibilities are endless! They are compact, inexpensive, and the ultra high-power LED’s deliver the light you need, where you want it.

5. Discount Mugs

Don’t be fooled by the name! Discount Mugs offers far more than mere mugs. A leader in promotional products, Discount Mugs is a great place to order everything from candle holders to fidget spinners.

If you’re looking to get into one of the fastest-growing and profitable markets, check out their selection of stainless mugs. Stainless mugs are an easy product to offer, as customers seem to love them and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. AP Lazer is a perfect laser for stainless mugs; our rotary device makes engraving easy and the highest details are achievable.

While they offer their own services of printing and lasering, each item they sell is available as a blank. Their website’s chat feature is highly responsive, so their customer service is a strength.

6. JDS Industries

JDS Industries has a wide selection of awards and gifts, from engravable wooden USB drives to self-standing glass awards. A strength of JDS is their Youtube Channel which features multiple lasering tutorial videos, helpful if you are new to the laser engraving game.

Be sure to check out their line of gift items, display cases, and even cutting boards; all products your customers are sure to love.

7. Colorado Heirloom

This company specializes mainly in wood products such as wooden boxes and cutting boards. While their materials selection is smaller, their catalog boasts some beautiful items. Wood is an easy material to engrave, so the learning curve on these products will be short and you’ll be making a profit in no time.

This list is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to blank materials for engraving.  Contact us today for more information about where you can find the best engraving materials for your laser.

Interested in a laser that will allow you to engrave all of these unique products and more? AP Lazer has you covered with our patented, open architecture laser systems that allow you to engrave items as small as a peanut to objects as large as a full-size granite memorial. Contact us for more information!


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