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9 Creative Laser Applications For Entrepreneurs (Pandemic Edition)

There is no denying that the coronavirus is changing the way we work. As a result, many business owners and entrepreneurs-to-be are hard at work creating new ways to connect with their customers. Passion can get you started but strategy is what keeps your business thriving.

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners know that in order to pursue what they love, they have to work strategically to create a functional business.

Luckily, you’ve just landed on the perfect page to get your creative juices flowing and to create diversified sources of income with a “high success rate” strategy.

Finding a new home in diverse industries such as medical, construction, wedding, automotive, and personalized gifts offer a huge range of benefits and applications.

Even our entry-level laser machine, the SN1812LR, can be a relatively inexpensive tool for starting a business and diversifying into priceless products.

In this article, we will discuss how a laser allows you not only to make money but save money, by giving you the ability to bring in so many of your current projects. We manufacture versatile co2 laser systems and offer a variety of sizes and wattages to meet your needs. The ability to engrave granite, marble, bricks, stone, wood, glass, acrylic, paper and so much more.

Face Shield Ppe

1. Medical Equipment

With an AP Lazer consider diversifying to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help front-line medical workers. As statistics have shown, there is a shortage of PPE, although hospitals use at least 1500 of these per day. This is a very simple process and you can learn more from this video.

In addition, our laser machines provide an alternative option to make face masks.

Granite And Marbles

2. Granite and Marble

Another powerful way to lead the market is to engrave personal and emotional tributes on granite and marble. Produce high definition renders and expand your offerings to a wide variety of customers. Personalize touching tribute memorials, bathroom tiles and even stepping stones for Mother’s Day and diversify your laser business offerings.

Glass And Liquor Decanter

3. Glass and Liquor Decanter

One of the most lucrative industries worth targeting is alcohol and glassware. According to studies, the alcohol industry alone is worth more than $254 billion.  From laser coding to glass etching, AP Lazer machines can do wonders. These features open opportunities for large volume businesses for restaurants and bars that require custom glassware for in-house and marketing giveaways. Engraved family names or phrases are hugely popular with customers.

Wood And Furniture

4. Wood and Furniture

Whatever your wood of choice, be it pine, oak, mahogany, or maple, AP Lazer machines are the perfect tool for quality customization. Wood is one of the most versatile materials when it comes to laser-friendly products. AP Lazer’s open architecture frees the laser head to customize wood products irrespective of size. This means whether the customer needs large tree stumps, wooden benches, or even a cutting board, your answer can always be yes.

Gifts And Decor For Wedding

5. Wedding

Every wedding is a custom event for the happy couple so there are so many opportunities for personalized products. Think pop-up style invites, elegant signage, or laser-etched glass. Your imagination is the limit. There are a plethora of engraving opportunities when it comes to weddings and with many venues to offer such products.

Brick And Stone

6. Brick and Stone

A lot of untouched markets can be brought into reach when laser engraving is added to brick and stone. Clay bricks can be manipulated into hardened glass through engraving making customization resilient to outdoor weather. Custom landscape stone and personalized bricks for fundraisers are in high demand. Similarly, this application can be used for keepsakes to honor the memory of a pet or loved one.

Acrylic And Plastic

7. Acrylic and Plastic

Achieve flame polished edges and professionally aesthetic products. Acrylic is ideal for both indoor and outdoor signage as well as home décor. Due to its easy cutting and ductility, acrylics and similar plastic materials are very popular options in creating innovative and customized products. Its application also includes creating 3D puzzles, keychains, and LED boards.

Metal Products

8. Metal

Personalized pictures or phrases on the metallic parts of cars, bracelets, awards, and plaques can bring smiles to a variety of customers. Boost your opportunities and increase your revenue by tapping into this lucrative market. Computer parts, laptops, phone covers, and much more stream from this laser application.

Personalized Gifts

9. Personalized Gifts

With a little bit of creativity and a laser machine, anything is possible. Little things make a huge difference when it comes to entrepreneurship and business management. From personifying sports items to customizing fashion trends, you can win the hearts of customers in a single moment. Polar mugs and cups with customized phrases or photos are a huge market in gift personalized. Tap into the emotional market easily with an AP Lazer.

With myriad options, AP Lazer opens many doors. Laser machines boost business opportunities and speed up workflows. Create growth in production, lower manufacturing cost, quality, and customer satisfaction.


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