Ap Lazer Machine Line Up
What products will I cut/engrave with it?
Where will I put it? How will I pay for it? What size should I purchase?
These are a few questions that most new machine buyers will find themselves asking at some point or another during their research.
In this article, our goal is to help you determine what size AP Lazer machine you should purchase. We have a full line up of CO2 laser systems and we’re sure there is one that will fit your exact needs. From our entry-level, SN1812 to the much larger and more powerful SN4836, all AP Lazers feature a patented open-architecture design that you won’t find with any other laser. 

But What Size Machine Should You Purchase?

Facebook Comments(This question, specifically in regards to the hobby SN1812 machine, gets asked multiple times a week in our Before You Buy Facebook Group.)
After speaking with a handful of current machine owners who have experience running multiple size machines, the verdict is in.  
“Purchase the largest  AP Lazer machine that you can afford.”

As a new business just starting out, or an established business looking to diversify with priceless products, you may be wondering… “Why?”  

There are a handful of reasons why this is the case. Read on to find out why choosing the right size AP Lazer machine just might be one of the most important decisions you make for your growing business:

1. Larger Machines are Faster

They say time is money and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to growing your business, you need to make sure your investment is not only cost-effective but time effective as well. Depending on the complexity of the file and whether or not you are cutting or engraving, the same job that takes a swift 1:30 on the SN2816 or larger machine might take over five minutes on the SN1812. That means that the larger machines are up to 5x faster than the baby SN1812. Do you have that kind of time to waste? We didn’t think so! 

2. Larger Machines are More Powerful 

With a mere 30w of power, our SN1812 doesn’t have the power to cut through the materials it’s bigger brothers and sisters do. In fact, we don’t even market the SN1812 as a “laser cutter”. The SN1812 can’t efficiently cut through wood and acrylic, or engrave natural materials like brick or stone.  Some customers have found success with the right speed and power combination, but usually, 30 watts of power just doesn’t “cut it”. You can, however, engrave the daylights of just about any material. Wood, leather, paper, and slate are a few popular choices.

Laser Engraved Items

3. Complete Larger Projects With a Larger Machine

Sure, you may be thinking about all of the stainless tumblers or other small trendy items you’ll be customizing, but are you failing to think about what the future holds? Many buyers are looking to fill immediate needs and forget to consider the future uses of a larger machine. You may not realize this until the order is there and you can not do the job because of the size of your machine. Sure, you can stitch together multiple files and run separate engravings, but what busy business owner has time to construct what seems like a jigsaw puzzle nightmare? Instead of spending your time doing that, you can work on marketing your business and making money.

Facebook Posts 4. Create More Product in Less Time With a Larger Machine

Have you ever heard of the term “array”? In laser talk, an array makes it possible to cut hundreds of the same exact file in one run. The machine software can easily create a file with systematically placed rows and columns so you can produce exact cutouts over and over again. If cutting 216 one inch circles in a single run on the SN1812 sounds like a lot, imagine being able to cut 1,728 on the SN4836. That’s EIGHT times the amount!

5. Larger Machines Open Doors to a Plethora of Additional Market Opportunities

Smaller machines can do some things, but the physical size is a limitation. With a larger machine, you can bring laser engraving and cutting into untouched markets. Imagine what it will be like when people find out about the capabilities of your machine! Take a look at the chart below. While a smaller machine (including the traditional “boxed-up” style) has access to 290 billion in market revenue, a larger AP Lazer system can tap into a whopping $1,018 billion dollars in market revenue.

Markets By Size

6. Larger Machines Come With Onsite Training

Purchase an SN2816 or larger, and you’ll get a special visit from one of our Lansing, Michigan based technical support staff. These are the same technicians that will be providing you 24/7/365 phone support after your purchase. Did we mention that the support is for the lifetime of your machine? To keep the price of the SN1812 lower, onsite training is not included with this machine. While most new machine owners consider onsite training an absolute must, there are a few that are confident getting by with our library of training videos that come with the SN1812. 

It’s worth mentioning that ALL of our AP Lazer machines come with 24/7/365 technical support, access to AP Lazer University, an engaged Facebook User Group, and a 3/2/1 warranty that can’t be beat.

Ap Lazer Perks
All of these reasons alone (and combined!) make it easy to absorb the advice shared by our current machine owners: purchase the biggest machine you can afford. 
A larger machine is faster, more powerful, and comes with a handful of other ways to boost profitability, so why risk your future with the smallest, cheapest laser system?

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