Buyers think with both their rational and emotional brains. Intensive study says that when we buy, our decisions are more likely to be emotion-driven than facts. Any business can sky-rocket if it learns to harness emotions to connect with its customers. Apple does it, Google does it, Nike does it. And with AP Lazer, you can do this too.

The tapping potential of the market of emotions is promising, and its ROI (Return On Investment) is huge. We always encourage customers to open up their product offering to the priceless market by making customized laser engraved/cut products which hold meaning to those who purchase it. Millennials, in particular, value customization and personalization when shopping which is tough to find at big-box retailers and chain stores.

Custom Engraving &Amp; Gifts

With four locations across North America, our team is committed to providing highly 24/7 responsive tech support and answer all your doubts and laser queries 365 days a year (Yes, even if it is 2:00 am). The 24/7 Tech Support is a huge draw for those who are total newbies to this field or are just starting out their first venture.  Personalized training and instant access like AP Lazer: Before You Buy FB group means you can learn at your own pace and jump right into growing your business.

Now you might be wondering, “All of this sounds enticing, but which are the markets to target for?” And you will be surprised to know that there is a myriad of markets and creative ideas which you can be put into action and help you rule in the market of emotions.

1. Personalized Tumblers

Ask any laser-machine-owned businessperson, and they will tell you that tumblers and bottles (like that of Yeti and Arctic) are the best selling and high-in-demand products which can be used as a gift accessory or brand-endorsement commodity. Engraving on stainless steel is not a hurricane-task; watch stainless steel tumbler engravings by AP Lazer machine here. In addition, any customer would be willing to pay extra if the Tumbler/Bottle you sold can showcase the very heart and soul of the person and/or the company (which is nothing but personalization) and add value to their lives. The same goes for any professionals who would love to have their logos or mission statement engraved on similar tumblers making it stand out in the corporate world as well.

Tumbler-Ap Lazer

2. Tribute Memorial Industry

According to Forbes, the US funeral industry accounts for about $20 Billion in annual economic activity. The creation of virtual legacies is a new industry in this digital age. Cremation or traditional burial, AP Lazer machines can create memorials, be it on marble, caskets, or a granite canvas, which reveals a timeless life story. It is an intensive emotion-bound market that acts as a healing medium for many families and friends. By providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn your cremation sales into a gold mine!

Memorial-Ap Lazer

3. Customized Gifts

Fabrics, glass, stone, leather, paper, edible foods packaging; what do all these products have in common? They – and countless others – fall under the extensive and diverse industry of gift goods. Just imagine the look on your family member’s or friend’s face when you gift them something just made specifically for them. The gift which personifies their personality and brings a smile to their face. That priceless emotion is what to aim for. Although creating a customized item takes a little more effort upfront, but the added value results in profit that is 100% worth the extra time.

4 3

4. Wedding

The lucrative annual $72 billion wedding industry should definitely be in your targeted emotional market list. From children to proud grandparents, everyone loves weddings. Wine bottles, decoration items, wedding cake accessories, wedding culinary products, and what-not could be customized to make this auspicious day more special. Even the bride and groom, who are in beautiful dress and tux respectively, would want to gift their loved ones a personalized gift which will help them remember the day with a smile. AP Lazer machines help you streamline your business with umpteen variety of laser-made wedding goods.

Wedding-Ap Lazer

5. Pet Market

It is no secret that all Americans love spending their money on their furry friends. The pet product market is surging, and many buyers are seeking self-customized products when it comes to their pets. A personalized product sells 4 times more than non-personalized products. Also, if we talk about pet memorials, for many families, the loss of beloved pets is equivalent to losing their own flesh and blood. So, they will try to fill that void by getting a tribute memorial. Cremation urns, jewelry, and granite memorials could be personalized by using AP Lazer machines and generate a steady and impressive revenue system.

Pet Market

Now, that you have learned the impact of emotional branding, it is time to adapt and diversify your business with the endless opportunities provided by the versatile AP Lazer machine. Not only will this increase your market value, but also helps you acquire more market share in the community.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us and explore more possibilities for your own business. Through the AP Lazer machine, you can learn to tap into the emotional market and get business-savvy by adopting learnings from our latest laser business resource bundle.

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