Personalized Pet Products for People Who Like Pets More Than Humans

As the pet product market surpasses $60 billion it’s no secret that Americans enjoy spending money on their furry friends. Today’s buyers are seeking personalized products and when it comes to things for their pets, that trend is no different. Whether someone is a cat lover, a dog person, a horse enthusiast, or a reptile junkie, one thing is for certain: a personalized product will most often outsell its non-personalized counterpart. On average, personalized products sell for 4x the amount of non-personalized products. We’ve gathered 10 pet products for both pets and pet lovers that can be made personalized (and more profitable!) with the help of a laser engraving and cutting machine.

Laser Cut Acrylic Silhouette Clock

Laser Cut Acrylic Doxie Clock
It’s multi-purpose! It’s both a clock and a beautiful wall decoration that any pet owner would be happy to hang in their home. Laser-cut acrylic means that there are dozens of colors to choose from when creating a silhouette of any animal in the entire animal kingdom, even narwhals.

Laser Engraved Rolling Pin

Laser Engraved Rolling PinWe’ve featured these laser embossed rolling pins a few other times on our blog; we really like them! This particular rolling pin would be great for making special treats for your pet, but also an ideal gift for someone who likes to bake.

Laser Engraved Crystal Ornaments

Laser Engraved Glass Ornament
Christmas is a special time of year for both pet parents and pets alike. In a survey conducted by Rover.com, 95% of pet owners extend their holiday gift-giving to their furry friends. What better way to celebrate and honor your pet than with a lovely laser-cut wooden ornament. Personalize with a pet’s name or make it simple and engrave something like “We Love Our Yellow Lab”.

Laser Engraved Dog Collars

Laser Engraved Leather Collar
Nobody is happy when Fido gets out and runs away. Rest assured you will be reunited when your pet has a personalized collar. Not only will your pup be safe, but he will also be in style! Many materials can be engraved including leather and metal, all resulting in a uniquely personalized animal accessory.

Bonus: Pet Product Branding

One customer is using AP Lazer to brand their dog collars. Lazer Brite is able to use AP Lazer’s features to their advantage: by setting up an array of plastic clips, they are able to engrave hundreds at once! Branding your products will immediately increase it’s perceived value and create brand loyalty amongst your products.

Branded Dog Collar
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Laser Engraved Treat Canister

Laser Engraved Treat Canister
Treat?! Did you say treat?! Glass is classy and engraves beautifully. Laser etching glass or crystal leaves a frosty mark on the surface that stands out, yet is smooth to the touch.

Laser Engraved Wooden Photo Frame

Laser Engraved Wooden Photo Frame
With the number of photos, pet owners have stored on their smartphones combined with the fact that there are real-life pet social media stars, it’s a given that personalized photo frames are a popular item among pet owners. Personalize with animal quotes, breed of animal, or even an animal’s name.

Laser Engraved Wine Glass

Laser Etched Wine Glass
We’d guess there is a large percentage of the population that happens to be both an animal lover and a wine lover. These laser engraved wine glasses can retail up to 5x the cost of the glass itself.

Laser Engraved Home Decor

Laser Engraved Home Decor
Animal lovers want you to know that they love animals, and a laser engraved piece of art for the home is one way to show your passion for animals while making your house a home at the same time. The great thing about laser engraving is that you can design the file once, then use it over and over to create a perfect engraving every time!

Laser Cut Giraffe Bookshelf

Laser Cut Giraffe
This larger-than-life laser-cut giraffe bookshelf is a great example of creating fun and useful products. If you can make a giraffe, you can make an elephant, a dog, a cat, and even a three-toed sloth.  Even better, you can make this bookshelf out of wood, acrylic, and even cardboard.

Laser Engraved Pet Memorials

Laser Engraved Pet Memorials
Easily engraved by a laser engraving machine, a memorial is a great way to commemorate a pet just as you would a family member. There are many styles of memorials available, from mini upright monuments, shaped flat markers to plaques perfect for displaying on a mantle inside.

Products like these are sure to please any animal lover. Interested in getting into the pet industry?
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