Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: MD Custom Engraving

In 2010, MD Custom Engraving LLC purchased their first laser engraving machine, a jewelry engraving machine. Maya Dickemore took on most of the work because of her flexible schedule. But due to the size restrictions of the laser machine they had to turn away a lot of work. When Michael Dickemore was laid off from his full-time position in April of 2015, they discussed their future. “We decided to expand our business. We had been looking at different laser machines over the years and we just had not seen a machine we could invest in. Then came along AP Lazer systems. We liked what we saw about their machine, [the] open architecture, versatility, 110w power, and the list goes on, so when the opportunity came up … we jumped at the chance and purchased their SN4836 system with all of the extras.”

From then on they have only gone up and up; so what’s their vision for their business? “We intend to provide our customers with the best personal engraving experience from beginning to end. We want our customers to feel like they are special and that their engraving projects were created from the heart.” When you look at their projects and work you see the truth in that statement.

The Dickemore’s have been busy, their first project with the AP Lazer was a 100-quart cooking pot lid. Since then they have proceeded to expand and diversify. “We have secured a contract with [Siren Duck Calls] where we do all of their duck call logos plus their customer’s custom logos. We have done monument description plates, knives, Christmas ornaments, and many more items. We have practically engraved everything that the sale brochure states.”

Md Custom Engraving Projects

Maya and Michael Dickemore are very excited about all the possibilities presented by the AP Lazer. When asked where they are headed with the AP Lazer and their business, they responded simply “to the top!” All of us here at AP Lazer couldn’t be more excited to watch them succeed!

Business Growth Guide

Check out their website! Or MD’s Facebook page.


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