Best Laser Engraving Machine for Slate

With most laser etching machines being utilized for common materials like wood, granite, or leather saturating the laser-engraved market, you need to be able to stand out in the crowd with unique materials that offer beautiful results. That is when a laser etching machine for slate comes into the picture. So what is the best laser engraving machine for slate? Well, AP Lazer has you covered!

Laser Engraved Slate

Best Laser Engraving Machine for Slate: Slate as a Niche

Slate is one of the few options that fit that niche. A softer, fine-grained, deep gray stone, slate has the potential for an array of different projects. By nature of the stone, it has a property called fissility that displays many thin, flat layers. This is what gives slate it’s rustic, beveled edge. However, it is also offered with a clean-cut, smooth edge to fit any application.

With some testing, research, and little trial-and-error, our technicians have found some tricks for the best results when using a laser etching machine for slate. If you’re skeptical or curious, feel free to check out some of the amazing work already produced on our Facebook- Before You Buy group.

How to Engrave Slate

Laser Engraving Slate
  1. Clean the stone of any natural dust or particles with a damp cloth, and allow to dry.
  2. Spray the stone with a thin, but even layer of clear coat finish. Allow at least an hour to dry (refer to your can of clearcoat for more specific drying times)
  3. Align and engrave with your AP Lazer machine
  4. Wipe off with a cloth to remove any residue from the laser process
  5. Enjoy the amazing results slate has to offer!

*With our 100W laser, we’ve found a speed of 20 and a power of around 22 to produce some excellent results, but please do a little testing to find a combination you prefer!

6X10Sample Slate Copy

Slate Applications

Slate is great for both line drawings and portraits; it has shown excellent precision with high contrast and detail. Using our laser engraver for slate, we’ve produced a few different projects on slate, check out the results below:


There are dozens of slate applications, and a laser will only enhance the appearance of the slate. There are small items such as cheese boards, coasters, and photo tiles that can be mass-produced to make a profit. Larger applications for laser engraved slate are ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas including pool areas, patios, fireplaces, verandas, and even flooring.  It’s important to have a larger machine to accommodate larger jobs; the bigger the project, the more profit you will make!

Why AP Lazer for Slate Engraving?

Laser Engraved Flooring

You probably know that there are dozens of laser etching machines on the market that are capable of engraving slate. But, what you may not know is that AP Lazer is unlike all of the other laser machines on the market. AP Lazer’s two-part, open architecture design makes it possible for users to engrave virtually any size material. This patented, revolutionary design allows you to eliminate the physical size limitations that hold back so many others on the market.

AP Lazer’s features will allow you to blast out of the competition by offering services they can not, as your production is now limited only by customer requests.  A removable top makes it possible to laser engrave directly onto flooring of all types. See the AP Lazer difference here.

Lastly, compared to some other stones, slate is competitively priced. As a unique stone that offers outstanding potential, the profit margins for your business are huge!

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If you’re interested in slate blanks in many different shapes and sizes to capitalize on owning your laser etching machine, we are now featuring them in the AP Lazer Webstore. Click here to see what we offer.

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