The Awesome List of Laser Engraved Mother’s Day Gifts!

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about mom and what to get the woman who claims she doesn’t want or need anything, but absolutely loves it when you make an effort to do something special for her. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if your mom is like mine, she’s pretty difficult to buy gifts for, but she appreciates things that are thoughtfully made just for her. While I was searching for gift ideas, I realized that I could create a list of products you can make yourself or offer your customers with your laser engraving machine. It’s a great way to put that personal touch on something useful and unique.

1. Personalized Clock

Who wouldn’t love this incredibly personal clock? Engraved with the names of all of your mother’s children, this clock is a beautiful reminder of the thriving family she has created. I personally really love the small touches, like the “Mom’s Favorite,” arrow instead of the hour hand. Now all of the kids can claim to be her favorite during their designated hour.

Mother'S Day Laser Engraved Clock
Custom Clock created by Del Sol Laser Creations LLC

2. Custom Engraved Bracelets

This may be my favorite on the list. I love the versatility of these cool leather band bracelets. They are custom engraved with a saying or name of your choice. You could easily do a different color for each child, or put a variety of inspirational sayings on them. These bracelets would look cute worn on their own or stacked to match a variety of outfits, and while they’re casual they’re still elegant and could be worn with a more formal ensemble without feeling out of place.

Leather Bracelets
Red Ghost Custom Engraving

3. Laser Engraved Portraits

These are a great gift if your mom leans a bit toward rustic in style. What’s fun about these is they can be created from any photograph and personalized with kids’ names in a font that reflects their individuality.

Laser Engraved Portraits
Legacy Lazer LLC

4. Garden Markers

Great gifts for any green thumb in your life, not just mom, these stakes are a creative way to tell someone how much you care. I’ve seen several different plant stakes similar to these, but I favor these in particular because the illustration of the plant helps young ones identify what they are looking at even if they are not yet able to read.

Laser Engraved Garden Markers
Intricate Laser

5. Special Recipe Cutting Board

This is one of the most touching gift ideas I’ve seen out there. You can take a hand-written recipe from a loved one and engrave it on a cutting board. This is a great way to give a personalized gift that can either be used as a functional tool or put on display.

Laser Engraved Cutting Board
Cutting Board by Misty Rhinehart

6. Surname Sign

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to give mom a great gift. This cool sign features the family’s last name and all of the members’ first names laser engraved on a wood bourbon barrel lid.

Surname Sign
JL Designs

7. Recipe Book

If your mom is a kitchen connoisseur, what better way to show her some love than with a custom made recipe book? This one features o-rings so that she can flip to her favorite recipe and lay it flat while referencing all of the delicious ingredients she’s about to turn into a magnificent masterpiece.

Laser Engraved Recipe Book
Larry’s Lazer

8. Recipe Pie Plate

Another spin on the personalized recipe engraving, this pie plate is a similar concept as the cutting board but with a slightly more formal feel.

Recipe Pie Pan
S & S Laser Engraving

9. Engrave Slate Tray

If mom loves a good charcuterie, this personalized tray might be the ticket to her heart this Mother’s Day. Who doesn’t need a beautiful tray on which to display delicious meats and cheeses!

Laser Engraved Slate Tray
Loyalist Laser Arts

10. Vanity License Plate

If you live in a city and state that doesn’t require an officially issued front license plate you can fancy mom’s car with a customized vanity plate.

Vanity License Plate
Plate by Samantha Keenan

12. Engraved Journal

For the mom who loves to record all of life’s memories in a journal, make a personalized notebook. These happen to be for nurses, but you can customize them for virtually any interest.

Engraved Journals
Mindi’s Custom Creations

13. Wood Slab Coasters

Coasters are one of the greatest gifts to personalize because everyone uses them, and if they don’t you can bet their mother has told them they should at some point or another. It would be fun to engrave a bunch of different kids’ drawings or personalized messages for mom.

Wooden Coffee Coasters Ja Laser

JA Laser

We want to see what you made mom for Mother’s Day with your open-architecture AP Lazer! Make sure to post your projects on our Facebook page.


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