Laser Engraving Business Ideas for Post-Retirement

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For many people, retirement is the perfect time for doing the things you’ve always wanted to do, like starting a your own business. If you’re a retiree who is looking for an enjoyable and profitable post-retirement venture, a laser engraving business might be perfect for you. 

What is laser cutting? 

Laser cutting involves using a high-power laser beam to mark, cut, and engrave items from flat sheets of material. A laser cutter machine can cut through materials such as acrylic, wood, plastic, fabric, and more up to 1” thick.

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Laser engraving is a process that allows detailed artwork, text, and photographs to be etched into the surface of a blank material. This is a great way to personalize products and add emotional value to everyday items. AP Lazer cutting and engraving machines can engrave or mark materials such as wood, acrylic, plastics, glass, metals, fabrics, granite, marble and more!

Personalize and create more unique items with AP Lazer. Thanks to it’s two-part assembly and open-architecture design, AP Lazer machines allow you to personalize ANY item regardless of size or weight.
With AP Lazer’s 24/7/365 US & Canada based technical support, engaging online community, and personalized training sessions, you’ll have all the support and resources you need to get your business up and running right away!

Why start a laser engraving business?  


Starting a laser engraving business has many perks, one being profitability! The market for personalized goods is large, and growing. According to DataIntelo, the global personalized gifts market was worth $26.3 billion in 2019 and is predicted to reach $41.3 billon by 2026.

Laserable Items And Cost Comparison

In addition to tapping into lucrative markets, laser engraving businesses are very profitable due to product ROI. Adding personalization to a blank product increases the perceived value, which is something people are willing to pay a premium for! According to Clickz, a $20 return for every $1 spent is being experienced by companies using advanced personalization techniques.


A laser engraving business can result in high profit margins because of the machine’s ability to personalize products quickly, precisely, and repeatedly. Laser engraving machines let you transform bare surfaces in a matter of seconds! They offer greater speed than any conventional hand-engraver, which allows you to streamline processes and work efficiently.

Overhead costs 

The machine itself, is a one-off cost. That being said, it makes sense to splurge on high-quality hardware, instead of risking product quality and worker safety with less reliable products. After all, due to the high return on investment, speed, and production offered by laser engraving machines, you can quickly break even and begin to expand your business.

Most laser cutting machines are built to last for years and rarely require replacement parts. Following the manufacturer’s suggested instructions on safe use will prevent you from dealing with costly repairs and machine downtime.

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What items can be laser engraved? 

With laser engraving machines, especially an AP Lazer, your personalization possibilities are endless! Below are some of the most popular types of laser engraved products:

Engraved Cut Collage
  • Toy boxes 
  • Spice jars 
  • Household products like cutting boards, cutlery, and bottle openers 
  • Wedding favors 
  • Signage 
  • QR codes and barcodes for industrial clients 
  • Photo engraving 
  • Personalized gifts 
  • Tumblers 
  • Beer or wine glasses 
  • Wallets 
  • Key chains 
  • Plaques, medals, and awards 
  • Stationery  
  • Custom metal cups 
  • Customized jewelry 
  • Company logos 
  • Coasters 
  • Christmas ornaments 
  • Business cards 
  • Artwork 
  • And more!

Creating your unique, one-of-a-kind products is the obvious first step, but how do you market those products? Creating a Facebook page, Instagram account, and/or website is a great place to start. Displaying and selling your products at local craft shows may also be useful when trying to gain exposure and build recognition.

In addition, the most successful route tends to be building business relationships within your local community. Join your local small business association, donate personalized tumblers to local police stations, fire stations or businesses. Create partnerships with other business owners in your area and provide them with regular personalization services. From customizing trophies and plaques to etching serial numbers into manufacturing tools, laser engraving offers endless revenue opportunities.

Grow your business with AP Lazer 

Like any business, laser etching and engraving requires a bit of planning and training to get started. However, once equipment is purchased and training is completed, it can be an extremely lucrative retirement business idea.

The secret to a thriving laser engraving business is investing in the right technology. With a wide range of top-notch CO2 laser machines and lifetime 24/7/365 tech support, AP Lazer gives you the freedom and support you need to grow or start your business.

Request a quote for premium laser engraving machines for your post-retirement business. 


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