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Unbox Your Potential with AP Lazer’s New Laser Machine Series

Unbox Your Potential with AP Lazer’s Low-Rider Series

Calling all AP Lazer fans! We’ve got big news to share…meet our new laser machine series – the low-rider laser machine series!!

Our team has been working hard to build a new set of machines to help you grow your business. Meet our newest additions – the SN2616LR and the SN4836LR (the “LR” stands for “low rider”). One of them just might be the perfect fit for your business!

New Laser Machine Series – SN2616LR

Introducing the ALL NEW SN2616 low rider! We are proud to bring you another laser machine with even more capabilities that will give you more opportunities for creating emotional products for your customers. What does this mean for your business? More function, more opportunities, more profit!

Ap Lazer Sn2616Lr
AP Lazer SN2616LR

Loaded with an electric, adjustable z-axis, the SN2616LR is a laser machine like no other. Drop the laser beam to the floor and anywhere in between to streamline your engravings and create priceless products with ease.

Sn2616Lr Low-Rider Laser Machine With Cart And Laptop

Key Features of the SN2616LR

  • Patented open architecture
  • 28” adjustable z-axis
  • 26” x 16” engraving area
  • 60-watt laser tube that will last 8,000 hours
  • Plugs into your 110v outlet

Multiple Configurations

We’re all about versatility, and the SN2616 Low Rider was built with that in mind.


You can easily customize products and materials of all sizes using the included lift cart and honeycomb table! Place the honeycomb table on the lift cart and roll smaller items directly beneath the laser head for engraving.

Sn2616Lr Low-Rider Laser Machine With Cart And Laptop

She comes with a mechanical lift cart. Just keep a comfortable, ergonomic position when you use the honeycomb cutting/engraving table to do small engraving and cuts.

This granite engraving is a special case – if you want to engrave the slanted surface on the monument’s base, the center of gravity would flip the stone if you tipped the heavy granite a little more. We get it done simply with the easy leveling system.

Like all our machines, the four-easy leveling system allows you to adjust your laser focus plane to the surface of your substrate, regardless of whether your ground or substrate is level.

Sn2616Lr Low-Rider Laser Machine By Ap Lazer


Using the 28” adjustable electric Low Rider z-axis (with built-in sensors!), you can adjust the laser beam to your material and even engrave directly on heavier materials like granite pieces, signage, and flooring!

You can find pricing, specs, and more information for the SN2616LR here.

SN4836LR Laser Machine Series

Photo Of Sn4836Lr

We also have the SN4836 low rider available in our machine lineup. This machine has a fully adjustable (up to 28”) z-axis that will expand your laser capabilities like never before!

This machine is ideal for engraving directly onto flooring or extremely heavy objects like granite memorials or signage. Its unique design eliminates any heavy cranking and hard lifting of objects. And in case you’re not aware, large engravings = even larger profits!

Ap Lazer Business Line Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine Sn4836Lr
AP Lazer Business Line Laser Engraving/Cutting Machine SN4836LR

Key Features of the SN4836LR

  • Patented open architecture
  • 28” adjustable z-axis
  • 48” x 36” engraving area
  • 100-watt laser tube that will last 10,000 hours
  • Plugs into your 110v outlet

You can find pricing, specs, and more information for the SN4836LR here.  

Ap Lazer Sn4836Lr Engraving A Wine Barrel
AP Lazer SN4836LR Engraving A Wine Barrel

What Can I Engrave?

Collage Of Laser Engraved Items Including Sign, Tumblers And Cap

A better question is, “What CAN’T I engrave!” The SN2616LR and SN4836LR can transform various materials, including wood, acrylic, granite, brick, fabric, and more!

These machines can do everything from smaller items like leather hat patches to large items like granite memorials.

Get Into the Recession-Proof Funeral and Memorial Industry

Collage Of Engravable Granite Items Including Pet Markers

Getting into the deathcare industry may seem a little out of your comfort zone, but it’s a market that, unfortunately, never slows down. The SN2616LR and the SN4836LR are perfect machines for exploring this market!

Create meaningful memorial items for those in your community, or partner with local funeral homes, monument shops, and even cemeteries to grow your businesses side-by-side.

The SN4836LR makes engraving a casket top as easy as 1-2-3. Roll a casket under the laser machine, lower the laser to the proper height, and a long-focal-length lens will compensate for the casket’s curved surface.

Ap Lazer Laser Engraver Engraved Granite Monument.
AP Lazer Laser Engraver Engraved Granite Monument.

Large Floor engraving

For upscale hotels, restaurants, and even office buildings, you can roll the machine onto the floor and engrave a logo or tag line on the stone, rug, wood floors, etc. Many hightraffic walkways, and pavements, have super high advertising value. If you could use SN4836LR to capture the market, there is virtually no competition.

Ap Lazer New Sn4836Lr Can Directly Engrave Floor
AP Lazer New SN4836LR Can Directly Engrave Floor

What is Included?

The SN2616LR and the SN4836LR come in a complete turnkey package with everything you need to start creating immediately. This includes all accessories, a laptop computer, and software, so you get much more than the machine. We set you up for success!

As an AP Lazer owner, you also gain access to an abundance of training resources, including:

  • 24/7/365 tech support
  • Weekly workshop classes
  • Various YouTube videos
  • And more!

Don’t forget that financing is available for all of our models.

We’re also proud to include a “ready-to-use” marketing bundle so that you can promote your laser business immediately. Our marketing pros have done the work for you! We’ve put together everything you need to market your laser business, even if you have zero marketing experience.

There are several resources for your convenience, including:

Ap Lazer Customer Marketing Bundle
  • Digital and printable brochures
  • 15+ social media images and captions
  • 12-month holiday promo calendar
  • Digital and printable order form
  • Product photography tips
  • Laser file resources
  • Preferred Vendors

You can access the Customer Marketing Bundle by logging into AP Lazer University.

Ap Lazer Turnkey Solution Package For Business Line.
AP Lazer Turnkey Solution Package For Business Line.

Request Free Samples

Laser Cut Acrylic

We’re happy to send you our full product line catalog along with the cut and engraved samples that have been created with an AP Lazer machine. Request free samples here.

Your Success is Our Success

Utilize any of our high-quality, user-friendly, C02 laser machines to transform ordinary products into high-profit emotionalized keepsakes with ease. Just like our current lineup, each of our new machines comes equipped with our patented open architecture design, which offers the versatility you need for endless product creation. Complete larger-than-life products without losing the capability to customize smaller items!


Ready to amplify your business with our low-rider laser machines?

Contact your rep today to learn more about these exciting new additions to the AP Lazer machine lineup!


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