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Picture this: an entire grade – or even multiple grades – of your students excited, passionate, and intimately involved in a learning-fueled fundraiser for their school. Sound too good to be true? Purchase your own AP Lazer, and watch what happens next. With that one purchase, you’ll have all the ingredients you need to make this type of scenario a reality at your school. The best part? This creative school fundraiser has the potential to pay for the laser equipment that will send your school’s curriculum into overdrive.

Students With Laser

We don’t need to sell you on the value of fundraisers; as educators, creative fundraising is your bread and butter. But what if we told you an AP Lazer-based fundraiser could directly – and powerfully – supplement your students’ education? What if it could dynamically increase their work readiness skills? What if it could help form them into more socially conscious people? What if it provided a learning tool that had your students excited to come to class?

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Here are four educational benefits a creative school fundraiser using AP Lazer technology will have on your students:


Steam ConceptBuild Your Student’s STEAM Skills
Let’s say your students are using our laser to run a brick fundraiser for your school. Learning how to operate and laser bricks teach students the physics of CO2 lasers, three-axis motion, and design-based computer software. A project such as this also challenges students to apply art and design thinking to the bricks and to apply mathematical thinking to the size and scope of their output. An AP Lazer machine truly is the ultimate STEAM machine. And because of our laser’s simplicity of design and our hyper-attention to safety, the AP Lazer is easy – and safe – enough for a ten-year-old to use, so student age is no barrier to this powerful STEAM tool.

Give Your Students a Project-Based Learning Environment
Those of us in the real world know that day-to-day and year-to-year workplace success isn’t based on the ability to do well on a written test. Most workplaces are project-based, so why not give your students some real-world experience right in the classroom? Give your students a fundraiser project such as personalized mugs for your school’s alumni. Watch as they learn to set goals, organize their time, and walk through a project from start to finish. Provide this type of learning environment and we guarantee your students will grow and build rock-solid work readiness skills.
Project-Based Learning
TeamworkTeach Your Students the Value of Collaboration
You know that one of the most important skills your students need to develop to achieve success in both work and life is the ability to expertly maneuver and thrive in groups. A fundraising project is a perfect environment to foster this type of group work. Students will learn the importance of communication, shared goals, and drawing on each others’ strengths for the good of the group. They’ll learn how to prioritize, plan, and implement as part of a whole, knowledge, and experience that will become invaluable as they enter both college and the workplace.

Give Your Students a Taste of Philanthropy
As thoughtful, socially conscious educators, we know you care about more than simply pumping out students whose brains are stuffed with facts. You want to develop young people who are civically-minded and socially conscious, who will be passionately active about making their communities a better place. Giving them opportunities such as fundraisers will expose them to people in your community passionate about philanthropy, and provide them with a taste of the power of using resources for the good of others. An AP Lazer in your school can be more than simply an educational tool. It can be a catalyst for developing more caring, other-centered students who look around their community and help solve real-world problems with real-world solutions.

Fundraising With LaserConcerned about the up-front cost of an AP Lazer? Laser cutters are a significant up-front investment, but because they are remarkably inexpensive to supply and maintain, you’ll find that they quickly pay for themselves. Host one brick or plaque fundraiser, sell 315 individually lasered bricks or plaques for $100 each, and with this single event, your laser machine can pay for itself. An AP Lazer has so much to offer your students and your institution, so take the plunge today.




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