Depending on your overall business needs and goals, it can become overwhelming to determine the best kind of engraving machine for you. Laser machine or CNC router? Well, you’re most likely looking for something that will maximize your profits, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency, as many small business owners are. With so many machine options currently on the market, how do you know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

What’s the Difference Between a Laser and a CNC Router?

What's The Difference Between A Laser And A Cnc Router?

To ensure a clear understanding, let’s first note that CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, meaning that this type of equipment is controlled via a computer. While laser machines and CNC routers use this type of CNC programming, they are still quite different from each other. A laser cutting and engraving machine will give you excellent detail, while a CNC router focuses more on depth.  Because of this, the two technologies typically work quite well together.

Laser machines are compatible with numerous materials, allowing you to create a wide variety of personalized products and gifts. Each material you work with, whether it’s wood, glass, etc., will have different speed and power settings to ensure absolute precision. These settings are also in place to prevent damage to the materials you use. With CNC routers alone, you tend to miss out on the precision that comes with the use of a laser cutting and engraving machine.

Advantages of Working Together

Engraving With Cnc And Laser

When you engrave with a laser, the level of accuracy is higher than with CNC routers. You get a lot of control with lasers, as well, which comes in handy when tackling more intricate designs. The CNC technology of our machines allows users to program the path of the laser according to a specific and often personalized design.

Due to its accuracy and precision, a laser cutting machine makes it possible to offer a whole range of wooden products you haven’t yet been able to offer. If you already have a CNC router, a laser machine can help make your shop complete. Both machines tend to compliment one another, making up for each other’s shortfalls. For example, a laser can cut to a thousandth of an inch, and engrave on something as small as a grain of rice. Think about all of the low-cost, high-profit items you can offer!

Limitless Opportunities

Starter Lasers, Business Lasers And Industrial Lasers

The AP Lazer Machine takes all the advantages of the boxed laser (high speed, high precision, low cost, and well-developed hardware and software) and the gantry machine (larger engraving area, accommodates larger materials) and improves on them both.

Other than the typical wood option, laser machines, like the AP Lazer, can engrave on a number of materials, such as stone, granite, acrylic, glass, etc. The possibilities truly are endless. If you’re looking for versatility, AP Lazer is just what your business needs. This kind of laser machine ensures precision, all while saving you time and money – an added bonus!  

Open Architecture

Open Architecture

In addition to the precision and ease of the AP Lazer, our patented open architecture design is another major draw. This means NO size or weight restrictions! With the removable z-table and capacity offered by our laser machines, you won’t need to turn down a project again.

Many of our customers claim that the open architecture design was what initially sold them on our machines. That’s a feature you just can’t find in traditional boxed-up laser machines and is a great way to separate yourself from the competition. How many people can say that they’re able to engrave exceptionally large items, like a casket, the hood of a car, or a door? Well, only those with an AP Lazer have that capability.

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