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The Best Laser Cutter for Acrylic

Laser Cutter for Acrylic

Acrylic is a strong and versatile material that can be used for anything from signage to display cases. Acrylic awards can be laser engraved, and you can even create your own awards with a laser cutter for acrylic.  They are easily one of the most beneficial tools for working with acrylic, as they have many major advantages over traditional tools.

Traditional Acrylic Cutting Hurdles

Let’s first discuss the cons when working with acrylic with traditional tools. Using a plastic scoring blade limits you to straight cuts and using a jigsaw or router can break the acrylic when working on more intricate cuts. Furthermore, no matter what method you use, traditional tools will always leave your acrylic with a rough frosted edge that you have to flame polish to achieve a finished look. This process is not only time-consuming, but you risk damaging the acrylic.

Advantages of Acrylic Laser Cutters

Now, we’ll showcase all of the pros of working with a laser cutter for acrylic. Lasers cutters make cutting acrylic a breeze and streamline your processes.  A laser cutter for acrylic makes it possible to quickly change designs, as well as produce the same design over and over with perfect results every time. Laser cutters are also easy to use, as they function like a printer. There is also less margin for error; a laser cutter is computer based and works off of X and Y axis.

Many acrylic projects can be completed start to finish with only a laser machine, completing all of your cutting and engraving in one step with complete automation. More importantly, a laser cutter for acrylic is able to achieve extremely intricate cuts with little to no risk of the acrylic breaking.  And, when cut with a laser,  there is no need to flame polish the edges of your piece; this happens automatically as it’s being cut by the laser.

laser cut acrylic

What is The Best Laser for Cutting Acrylic?

Obviously, an AP Lazer! You might be thinking “That’s great but what does an AP Lazer offer that other laser machines don’t?” The answer to that lies in the patented design of our acrylic laser cutting systems. Large sheets of acrylic can be heavy, unwieldy, and nearly impossible to work on with traditional laser machines, however with AP Lazer’s open architecture, working with sheets of acrylic of any size is a breeze and you’ll even be able to cut and size your sheets to any size necessary, up to ¾” thick.

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laser engraving and cutting machineOur patented design is ideal for users seeking solutions for signage applications. View an interactive demo here. And remember, when using a laser cutter for acrylic, there’s no buffing or flame polishing edges, no ruining material due to an accidental slip of the hand, and unlike other machines, no pass-through system necessary.


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