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How Profit From a Brick Engraving Fundraiser Can Pay for 100% of Your AP Lazer

Brick Engraving Fundraiser

Brick Engraving For Fundraisers

If you are interested in an AP Lazer but don’t have the funds to make an investment, running a brick engraving fundraiser could be your solution. Profits from a brick campaign can be huge, generating thousands of dollars in a short amount of time! And, AP Lazer is the perfect laser engraver for brick fundraisers.

A brick fundraising project is an ideal way for schools, hospitals, charities, parks and recreation, zoos, sports teams, religious organizations, museums, and other organizations to quickly raise money. It is a tried and true way to generate funding while leaving a lasting mark for those investing in it. Donors love seeing their name or customized message engraved on a brick for a great purpose, and, they will last forever!

To put this in perspective, take a look at the chart below to see how profitable your brick engraving fundraising project will be. 

Brick Table

As you can see, the individual investment for this type of brick engraving project is considerably low, which makes it appealing to those willing to invest as a donation. Where the real money comes in, is in the volume capacity that this type of fundraiser can hold. And when it comes to having your family or business name on display for everyone to see for the extensive future, virtually every business is willing to pay this small price to support your cause as well as invest in the advertisement. After all, every business is always on the lookout for low-cost advertisement, and this is exactly what you’re offering to them.

This type of personalization appeal extends beyond advertisement and brick engraving, as personalization is shown to greatly increase the amount of value people place in products. In this instance, even though we’re starting off with a $4 brick, your ability to put a business’s name on it to display indefinitely will have them willing to pay much more, as it is now a one-of-a-kind object, just for them. With this concept applied, your AP Lazer holds much more potential than it costs.

AP Lazer Brick Engraving Fundraiser

A brick engraving fundraising project is a perfect way for schools to quickly generate funds that will essentially pay for the laser system. Even better, a brick fundraiser is a never-ending project that can keep generating funds even after the laser machine is paid for. It is also a growing trend among universities, so there’s bound to be ongoing opportunities to repeat this successful, money-making scheme.

Laser Engraver For Bricks

Laser engravers are an ideal STEAM tool and many schools across the U.S are getting both students and teachers excited about learning when incorporating them into their curriculums. The easiest way to get students to learn is by getting them excited about learning. And once students are actively engaged and passionate about learning, the job of teaching becomes so much easier.


Why AP Lazer for Brick Engraving?

AP Lazer’s are capable of far more than only bricks. With our open architecture design, high-power options, and ease of use, our lasers live up to their “all-purpose” intentions. What truly makes us unique, is our operating capacity. With our engraving beds ranging from 18″x12″ up to 48″x96″, we have options perfect for all users. A laser machine with a large bed allows a user to set up multiple bricks at once to complete their jobs quickly and more efficiently. This high capacity drastically reduces production time, which can increase profit.

Another benefit to AP Lazer is our power options that go up to 140w. These laser machines provide a high-power laser beam that can blast the porous material of brick to produce a highly detailed engraving. Although brick engraving can be achieved with a lower power laser machine, it will require a few passes to create a desirable look. Having a higher-powered laser beam allows for higher quality brick engraving and more successful attempts. Fewer bad results due to a lower-powered laser reduce wasted product, money, and time, which are key to an efficient business production process.

Now that we know how easy it is to make a return and pay off your machine, the most important part of owning your own AP Lazer if you’re a business owner is its ability to make you money. Profit is the key to maintaining and sustaining a successful business, after all. And the key to long-term success with your laser machine is reliability. Your machine is only making you money while it’s up and running, so you don’t want to have to worry about problems with your machine.

If you’re looking at making this investment from the standpoint of an educator or school, you are still wanting to make a solid, reliable investment in your machine and your future. With many school programs limited to a budget, you will want something that will be well worth its cost and has you satisfied with your purchase for years to come. Here at AP Lazer, we feel that providing quality products and customer satisfaction are the baseline for a respectable business. That’s why we make it our goal to provide you with a reliable all-purpose laser machine that will handle all of your needs, while you rest assured about its reliability and capability. 

Our machines are designed with the user in mind because we know how stressful operating a business can be on its own. We also offer 24/7/365 customer support to help you with any problems you might come across. This along with the longevity of our machines and their ease of maintenance also allows for years of service. This offers you the opportunity to operate these types of brick engraving projects over the years, maximizing profits and returns on your investment in an AP Lazer.

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