Laser Engraver for Brick Fundraiser

If you are interested in an AP Lazer but don’t have the funds to make an investment, running a brick fundraiser could be Engraved Bricks For Fundraisersyour solution. Profits from a brick campaign can be huge, generating thousands of dollars in a short amount of time! And, AP Lazer is the perfect laser engraver for brick fundraisers.

A brick fundraising project is an ideal way for schools, hospitals, charities, parks and recreation, zoos, sports teams, religious organizations, museums, and other organizations to quickly raise money. Donors love seeing their name or customized message engraved on a brick for a great purpose, and, they will last forever! Read more about laser engraving bricks here.

To put this in perspective, take a look at the chart below to see how profitable your brick fundraising project will be.
Breakdown Of Brick Profits

AP Lazer Engraving a Fundraising Brick

A brick fundraising project is a perfect way for schools to quickly generate funds that will essentially pay for the laser system. Even better, a brick fundraiser is a never-ending project that can keep generating funds even after the laser machine is paid for.

Priceless In Post Cta 1

Laser engravers are an ideal STEAM tool and many schools across the U.S are getting excited both students and teachers excited about learning when incorporating them into their curriculums.  Read more about how they are engaging students more than 3D printers here.
Laser Engraver For Bricks

Why AP Lazer for Brick Engraving?

Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine
Our laser engravers for bricks provide high power (100w) laser that can blast the porous material of brick to produce a highly detailed engraving.  Although brick engraving can be achieved with a lower power laser machine, it will require a few passes to create a desirable look. A laser machine with a large bed allows a user to set up multiple bricks at once to complete your jobs quickly and more efficiently.
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