Go Big or Go Home! New Markets Open with Large Object Engraving

Normally when we go to trade shows we leave the z-table underneath the laser top. This gives the AP Lazer the appearance of a traditional boxed up laser machine. Our reps have to spend time explaining how the open architecture of AP Lazer expands the laser’s potential exponentially.

At the Awards and Personalization Expo in 2019, we’ve learned that it’s always better to show than tell when you want to get imaginations going. We’ve decided that the best way to showcase the possibilities of an open box laser was to show it in action.


Once we removed the z-table and placed a tall bar stool underneath the laser top the response was overwhelming. This simply can’t be done with a boxed-in machine. Suddenly, the possibilities of an open box laser began reeling through people’s minds. They began to get the idea of the importance of an open architecture system.Many people in the laser engraving business have never seen an open box laser. Most laser machines are made with a fixed and closed design. The maximum size of the engraving material is dependent on the machine’s size and height restrictions. That’s why laser machines are widely used in trophies, indoor signage, and small personalized gifts. It becomes a matter of what can fit.

Tongblog3 300X224 1

No one thinks twice about the boxed shape of a laser printer because its only intention is to print on the size of paper. However, once you start thinking of the potential of large, uniquely shaped objects, that boxed-up design can start to feel like a prison for your business. For example, if you have a door and only want to engrave an 8×8 logo onto it, in theory, any laser is capable of the engraving, however, fitting the door is another story. Don’t limit yourself to only small, lightweight products.

Touching, personalized laser engravings on large objects are rare, making the competition virtually non-existent. Moreover, countless additional advantages begin to reveal themselves once you start to explore the market of large object engravings with an AP Lazer:

  • Large object laser cutting and engraving have high perceived market value. Stock art engraved on a key chain is considered a simple design, but the same image engraved on furniture takes on a higher artistic value in the eyes of customers.
  • Large objects have high visibility and impact and therefore are better for word-of-mouth marketing. For example, an engraved guitar used by a performer would have a built-in audience. If you engraved a guitar for a famous musician, your brand awareness would be raised sky-high. All the while Nike has to pay millions to star athletes to wear their shoes for the same effect.
  • Large objects act as huge advertisements for your smaller offerings as well. If you do laser etching on large monuments, doors, windows, floor, and walls, customers will inherently trust your ability to engrave trophies and signs with a higher quality than your competitors.

What markets could you tap into with an open-boxed laser?

1. Furniture:

Untitled 1

The U.S. furniture market is at 150 billion dollars and laser personalization is rare.

2. Doors and Windows:

Doors and windows are a 37 billion dollar market. If a home has built-in laser engravings, the perceived market value of the house is increased by at least 10%.

Engraved Wood And Glass Doors

3. Alcohol Market:

Small items such as bottles, flasks, shot glasses and other accessories can be engraved by a boxed laser. However, with an AP Lazer, you can expand to large items such as wine and whiskey barrels, shelves, and cellars.

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Tongblog12 300X225 1

4. Sporting Goods:

A basketball is not very large yet most laser machines lack the height needed to engrave one. The sporting goods market in the U.S. is valued at 57 billion dollars. Sports fans are one of the most enthusiastic audiences on the planet. They are passionate about the game, players, and take pride in their favorite teams. AP Lazer can create endless priceless engravings on sporting gear and merchandise.

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5. Musical Instruments:

Musical instruments are not a high dollar amount market, in the U.S. it’s valued at about $5 billion. But they are some of the most visible products and the demand to engrave inspiration and personalization is high.

Engraved Guitar On Laser Machine With Garth Brooks Name And Photo

6. Monuments and Remembrance:

Deathcare is a market of caring and emotion. Life may end at death but memories live on through loved ones. Many families use engraving a memorial monument as an important part of their healing process.

Although the volume in this industry is low the perceived market value is high.


7. Caskets:

A casket is often central to a funeral and families who chose to have a high-quality casket often would like to personalize it.
As an expert in laser engraving, working for many years to perfect your laser engraving skills and technique, could you imagine what could create with no size or weight limitations? There is a huge world outside of your business. Let your imagination, creativity, and technical craft run wild in the exciting landscape of large object laser engraving.

Laser Engraved Caskets

Why AP Lazer?

Still on the fence? Put your business growth into overdrive with these outstanding advantages we stand behind and are proud to offer:

  • AP Lazer features a patented, open architecture design. The z-table/home base is completely removable, making it possible to engrave large, bulky objects that cannot be engraved by traditional “boxed-up” laser machines.
  • We offer the best and most extensive tech support in the industry. Our experts are ready to help with a lifetime of 24/7 U.S based tech support. It’s important for us that you spend your time creating priceless products and diversifying your business instead of wasting time troubleshooting.
  • All of our laser machines are sold in turnkey packages. We include all accessories, software, and hardware that you’ll need to get started making money instantly. You won’t run into expensive add-ons or hidden costs. You’ll be up and running quickly after your investment in AP Laser.

How will AP Lazer fit into your business?

From Facebook to Instagram it’s easy to see that capturing life’s precious memories has become the new American pastime.
Business owners all over the United States who recognize this phenomenon are now capturing the lives of their customers on their products using a laser. In the eyes of customers, these laser engraved products become objects of deep personal meaning. They become priceless. A laser can capture all these moments in life and elevate your business into a priceless market.

Learn how you can make AP Lazer work for your business.
Contact us today for more info.


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