Customer Spotlight

Customer Success Story: Okeechobee Funeral Home

We join Matt Buxton of Okeechobee Funeral Home on Performance TV, where he shares the success he’s had using our AP Lazer and how it’s empowered his business to diversify business and offer new products. From caskets to granite monuments and even cut and engraved wooden roses for the bereaved, our laser is helping Matt produce a variety of personalized goods. AP Lazer has added so much value to his products and made diversification a breeze.

Engraved Interior Of Casket
Engraved Casket Designs
In regards to the value AP Lazer has brought to his business, Matt had this to say:

“In Most cases I will add a $65 engraving charge to an urn, but I am finding that most of the time I am giving the engraving away. By doing that, I am selling more urns. I had a family that originally was going with a cardboard minimum container and when I offered the engraving at no charge, the decided to go with a $325 MDF urn that I pay about $40 for. That is extra money that I otherwise would not have been able to make.”

Engraved Urn Tag
Engraved Urn
Engraved Slate Portraits
Matt has also started his own line of custom wooden cremation urns, great for families who may not be able to afford the more expensive urns or granite monuments. The urns are first cut, then personalized with photos and text with the AP Lazer. The only thing our laser machine can’t do is glue them together!

Laser Engraved Wood Urns
Engraved Memory Board
It’s easy to see how an AP Lazer could add value to your business as it did Matt’s. AP Lazer gives businesses the opportunity to diversify into new, profitable markets, regardless of the industry.

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