We got a chance to share another feature on Performance TV with one of our outstanding customers, Mike Mims. Mike’s business, Cherokee Caskets, purchased the SN4836 laser machine 2 years ago and has been thrilled with it ever since. He’s been so busy with engraving, cutting, and etching with his AP Lazer; he’s even thinking of getting another. The AP Lazer has empowered him to engrave caskets, urns, monuments, and even something as delicate as engraving images onto poster board to be displayed at memorials services.

Early Adopter

Mike was one of the first in the industry to adopt this new technology and it’s given him an edge over his “slower to adapt” competition. Mike, by his own admission, is not someone who is particularly tech-savvy, but even he found the AP Lazer easy to learn and use. He mentions that our wonderful tech support has given him every bit of help he could ever need.
Mike has this to say about AP Lazer:
We bought our AP Lazer about 2 years ago. We’ve been excited since the first day we brought it into our place and can’t live without it. There are so many people in the industry that can take advantage of additional revenues AP Lazer provides.”

Diversification Opportunities!

Since appearing on Performance TV, Mike’s laser offerings have expanded so much that he has started a new business, Cherokee Laser & Engravings. Find them on Facebook here. They are having huge success with laser engraving stainless steel mugs, signage, and even pyrex dishes! Keep up the good work, Mike!

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