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Customer Spotlight: Scott Fitchett of MSN Lazer

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We checked in with Scott Fitchett of MSN Lazer to see how purchasing his AP Lazer machines have been beneficial to his growing athletic branding business. Keep reading!

How did you find out about AP Lazer?

Via online search

How did you fund your laser and when do you expect it to be paid off?

From a partnered local funding provider. They will pay themselves off in 2 years with the pandemic. Without the pandemic, they would have already been paid off.

What was the biggest selling point of AP Lazer?

Removable Z Table

How difficult is it to run an AP Lazer?

I picked it up within a few hours. Took around 2 months to really start to master it.

Photo Etched Basketball Hoop Backboard

What have you used AP Lazer tech support for and how was your experience?

Multiple items. In each case, the effort and info were helpful and noticed.

What do you like about the AP Lazer family?

Brad and the team are great all around.

Did you start your business when you purchased the AP Lazer?

No, it was a complimentary piece to our trade show business. Which is now gone due to the global environment. The lasers have allowed us to carve out other opportunities in markets that are still alive. They have been essential to our survival and success.

What is your business and how would you describe it?

Athlete branding, memorabilia, and elite sports tools, along with custom displays and furniture.

Engraved Lacrosse Shafts

How would you describe the impact owning a laser has had on your business?

They have been essential to our survival and success.

How have you marketed your laser business and products?

As a market-disrupting concept in the sports world that allows us to custom create and manufacture unique, high margin, incomparable products. Partnerships, events, networking, online advertising, pro athlete endorsements.

Do you have a website, and do you think it is necessary?

Yes and yes.

Engraved Lacrosse Shafts

Where do you source your blanks from?

Local reclaimed wood suppliers, local acrylic suppliers, local leather suppliers, global sports equipment suppliers.

How do you determine pricing for your products?

Adding value from all sorts of points to create high margin high-quality incomparable offerings.

What products would you recommend a new owner start?

Simple applications with markets that have a need. Unique applications are untapped. A lot of DIY’ers make the same crap. It’s key to find your niche and differentiate then master it.

What is your favorite part about using the laser?

Unlimited applications.

Engraved Sports Memorabilia

In what ways do you see yourself using the laser in the future that you haven’t tried yet?

I have really worked the lasers to their max on a lot of applications. We plan to integrate a lot more carbon fiber products into our future offerings.

What is the most creative/unusual object you’ve engraved?

A wooden lacrosse head and stick we hand made.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

This link is a great story. It adds context to a lot of what is summed up.

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