A Guide to Selling Memorial Gifts

To truly excel in the area of selling memorial gifts, it is essential to understand the purpose memorials serve fully. An effective memorial is a legacy. What is a memorial gift? A memorial gift is a physical object which is embedded with the memory of a family or individual’s loved one.

A memorial, as well as a memorial display, is not merely cold granite with lettering or color photos. Memorial gifts reach out to customers on an emotional level and easily connect them to the legacy of their loved ones.

Remember: purchases of these kinds are primarily an emotional decision. High-end memorials can be very effective at making these connections and allow the consumer to invest in your brand, building the emotional value of your products.

Kneeling Memorial

Start with this idea

Before showing your memorial gifts, you must invest your time in developing a solid connection with the customer. Consumers have always wanted products that fulfill their emotional needs. Families who experience the loss of loved ones have a much greater set of emotional needs that need to be addressed.

  • Create priceless relationships with customers by making an effort to spend time with the family. Connect with them and get to know the individual they have lost.
  • Learn their unique family history and listen to their stories. It is important to understand the family’s dynamics and get a firm grasp of who the main decision-makers are.

This will not only bring them comfort but also set the expectations of you, whether those expectations are emotional or more concrete (for instance, taking point on some of the memorialization decisions or details).


Less is more.

This can be applied to the context of memorialization displays. The idea of minimalism, in fact, often works to the benefit of funeral homes, as most funeral homes do not have a surplus of space for indoor or outdoor memorial displays.

Therefore, your granite displays should focus more on artistic presentation rather than the idea of aggressively or fully displaying your inventory.

(Create your own memorial display with our Funeral Merchandise Starter Kit!)

Collage 1

Marketing, marketing, marketing

We all know that you won’t sell what you don’t promote! Make sure to showcase the unique memorial gifts you can offer your customers. Use tools like laser etchings where nearly anything can be lasered on granite to diversify your business:

  • portraits
  • family photos
  • photos of their homes
  • cars
  • art
  • signatures
  • handprints and footprints
  • poems, verses, songs
  • graphics, emblems…the list goes on.

Laser etchings provide more profit than hand etching, and you can charge less than hand etching. Unlike sandblasting, there are no size limitations for text and other artwork.

Believe in yourself

The top 10% of Americans control over 90% of America’s wealth. Thus, there is a huge waiting market for high-end memorials. The really good news: even the most conscientious, spending-averse customers will choose memorials gifts; if they meet their emotional needs. High-end memorial gifts can offer customers an excellent method of honoring their loved ones, their names, and memory that will stand the test of time. No one will necessarily assume they can afford an expensive grave marker, but anyone can connect to the importance of investing in a beautiful commemoration of their loved ones’ life and memory.

Twenty Years
Robert Martin

Make it unique, and provide your customers with the ability to remember their loved ones in the places that mean the most to them, like gardens or private locations. Personalization can show your customers that a memorial piece is not just a piece to store remains but a piece to allow their loved ones to visit, celebrate and visualize them.

AP Lazer’s open-architecture laser machine is the perfect addition to any cemetery, funeral home, or memorial business looking for diversification. Allow your deathcare businesses to unlock the limitless profit potential while providing their customers with highly emotional, personalized keepsakes, urns, caskets, granite monuments, and so much more, all through your business.

Ready to perfect your memorialization displays with AP Lazer? Contact us for more info!


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