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7 Awesome 3D Laser Products made with a Laser Engraving Machine

Instant 3D Laser Gratification

Imagine creating products with materials designed to last a long time, getting them faster than ordering on Amazon Prime, and costing much less than what you can buy in a store!

We’ve searched high and low on the web and found some of the most impressive 3D laser cut products. If you need a reason to purchase a laser engraving machine instead of a 3D printer, hopefully, these will sway you in the right direction.

1. Laser Cut Wood Pivoting Box

We can think of plenty of things one could put in this box; sewing accessories, makeup, fishing lures, craft items,  miniature army men, and maybe even a picnic lunch or even an extensive button collection. When it boils down to it, a box is the next best invention next to the wheel, right?

Laser Cut Wood Pivoting Box

2. Laser Cut Wood Laptop Stand

Considering 78% of adults under the age of 30 own a laptop, it’s fair to say that 100% of them need a laser cut laptop stand. This laser cut wooden laptop stand made by is unique and functional. Avoid leg burns when you get sucked into their website that contains a plethora of laser cut and engraved eye candy.

Laser Cut Wood Laptop Stand

3. Laser Cut Cardboard Piggybank

Put all of the money you save creating this laser cut cardboard piggy bank, into the piggy bank. We found this one available from Etsy shop, gaBotteShop. If you’ve decided to order things off of Amazon, (there are bound to be things that you just can’t create with a laser) you probably have lots of cardboard laying around just waiting to be laser cut.

Laser Cut Cardboard Piggybank

4. Laser Cut Cardboard Airplane Halloween Costume

Do you find yourself putting all of your creative energy into the creation of your children’s Halloween costumes come October? We’re confident that if you put your child in a 3D laser cut airplane costume, he will win every Halloween costume contest there ever was.

Laser Cut Halloween Costume

5. Laser Cut Wood 6 Packer

With craft breweries gaining in popularity, It’s no wonder we’re drawn to this nifty wooden laser cut 6 pack. Laser cutting proves to be one of the best methods of creating 3D products out of 2D materials; for example, the 6 Packer is completely parametric. You can change material thickness, bottle diameter, fastener size, hand grip size re-render, and cut out using your favorite laser cutter. Grab 6 of your favorite brews, pop them in this handy carrier and take them wherever you need to go.

Laser Cut Wood 6 Packer

We found this on, and if you already own a laser cutter, you can make it yourself with the provided template.

6. Laser Cut Acrylic Table Numbers

Elegantly send wedding guests in the right direction. Table numbers are a must-have at all weddings, particularly useful if you have a pre-reception cocktail hour!  These beauties, from Etsy shop ElegantLaserDesigns, combine laser cutting acrylic and laser engraving acrylic to produce a beautiful detail for any wedding.

Laser Cut Acrylic Table Number

7. Laser Cut Leather Bandana

Into fashion? A laser cutting machine would look great next to your sewing machine. This leather scarf, sold by & Other Stories could be easily replicated with a piece of leather and intricate design of your choice. Lasers are excellent for both cutting and engraving leather, so the fashion capabilities are pretty broad. Imagine the kind of motorcycle chaps you could create!

Laser Cut Leather

Who needs a 3D laser printer when you can create 3D products with a 2D laser engraving machine? On top of creating 3D products, a laser machine allows you to work with a larger variety of materials like leather, paper, and fabric and can produce products useful for everyday use. Create 100’s of pieces in the time it takes a 3D laser printer to create a few. It provides more accuracy and is overall, a more versatile tool than a 3D printer.

What would you create with a laser? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. siaosi

    I would like to get a 3D gratification.. It would be awesome to be able to engrave wood. I would like to be able to get something cool like this computer holder.

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