If you’ve never seen Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked then you are missing out! Acrylic Tank Manufacturing is turning its customers’ dreams into reality when it comes to statement aquariums. By creating highly customized laser cut components, AP Lazer provides the crew the ability to transform an ordinary piece of acrylic into an eye-catching piece of eye candy!

Today we’re highlighting  10 times the Tanked Crew has used AP Lazer to help create stunning fish tanks.

Penn & Teller Monkey Magic Season 9, Episode 7:

In this episode of Tanked, the guys at ATM used their AP Lazer machine to cut a bright red, acrylic ampersand to insert into the tank. Penn & Teller were awed and amazed, just how they leave their audiences after their magic shows.
Laser Cut Acrylic Ampersand Sign

Boyz II Men to ATM Season 9, Episode 11:

Next up, Nathan Morris is in love with his Boyz II Men themed saltwater fish tank. The centerpiece logo would not have been possible without the AP Lazer machine. Click here to watch the video of how they did it!

The Claw House Season 10 Episode 6:

This seafood restaurant’s ambiance will never be the same after the addition of their new saltwater tank. A laser cut and engraved “The Claw House” logo is suspended between two coral inserts for a statement piece.
Laser Cut And Engraved &Quot;The Claw House&Quot; Logo

Party Rockin’ Tank Season 10 Episode 9:

Think you’ve seen it all? What about a fish tank/DJ booth combo? Redfoo (of LMFAO) got just that with his custom tank. The team added three custom engraved LED-lit acrylic panels for a complete party rockin’ look. Check it out here.

Internet Tank Sensation Season 10 Episode 10:

Of course, everyone could use some more smiling in their life! Roman Atwood and his family now have a constant reminder to “Smile More” in their huge tank. Watch this to see how the Tanked guys used their AP Lazer machine to cut out the letters to ultimately cover them in clay and texturize them.Business Growth Guide

The Miami Heat is On! Season 11 Episode 8:

The Tanked crew created a slam dunk tank for Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat! His rotating basketball with the Miami Heat logo would not have been possible if not for the AP Lazer machine. They even made it rotate to alternate between MH and HW (his initials). Check it out here. 

Ty Dolla’s Fresh Tank Season 12, Episode 6:

Ty Dolla’s tank is not only as unique as the songwriter himself, in addition to showing off two of his awards, it is also the only freshwater tank on this list. In the middle of the tank is his logo in a custom cut black and white acrylic piece.
Ty Dolla $'S Logo Laser Cut On Acrylic

Seeing Fish Season 12, Episode 9:

Tanked takes this optometrist’s office from stale to styling with a tank that sports a giant pair of glasses. And right in the center of the tank? A laser-cut eye chart. In fact, this might just be our favorite tank.
Laser Cut Eye Chart And Pair Of Glasses

My Tank From Hell Special: Not-So-Freshwater Tank Season 12, Episode 101:

The Moody’s nasty, old tank was ruining their marriage, their new tank is made special for them including an acrylic “The Moody’s” heart centerpiece created specially by Redneck.
Acrylic &Quot;The Moody's&Quot; Heart Centerpiece

My Tank From Hell Special: Nightmare Tanks Season 12, Episode 103:

Tetris, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., what do all of these games have in common? They all make appearances in this awesome video game themed tank! The ghosts, Tetris pieces, and question marks are brought to you by, you guessed it, the AP Lazer laser machine.
Laser Cut Ghosts, Tetris Pieces, And Question Marks

So there you have it, 10 incredibly unique laser cut acrylic pieces created by the Tanked Team and their AP Lazer for the world’s most unique fish tanks!

We hope this inspires you on your hunt for the perfect laser machine for cutting acrylic! Contact us to get started with AP Lazer.


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