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C02 Laser Engraving 10+ HUGE Objects You’d Never Think To Be Possible

10 Huge Objects You Never Dreamed of Laser Engraving

From Ordinary to Priceless with C02 Laser Engraving

C02 laser engraving is used to personalize a variety of products, some of the most popular ones being small things like YETI mugs, keychains, picture frames, awards, and trophies.

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C02 laser engraving can turn physical items into high-profit, emotionally satisfying products for all of life’s precious moments. 

While all of those small products are interesting, what if there was a way to engrave even the largest of items? 

Our patented open-architecture design of our C02 laser engraving machine makes it easy to emotionalize nearly any product, regardless of size or weight. Bring even the largest dreams to reality when you harness the unlimited capabilities of your AP Lazer.

Sn4024 C02 Laser Engraving Machine

1. Laser Engraved Furniture

The furniture industry is a massive $150 billion dollar industry that has yet to be tapped into with a laser. No matter if your customers want something unique engraved on a table, bench, or stool, AP Lazer can accommodate even the largest of items.

A laser engraving on a table will make quite a statement, and everyone will wonder just how it was done. Restaurants will be flocking to you when they realize you can brand their tables with their restaurant logo or artwork. AP Lazer’s open architecture design makes lasering huge objects such as these tables a breeze.

Laser Engraved Wood Table

One AP customer added a custom engraving to the dining table for their local firehouse. Not only did they engrave the tabletop, but they also added engravings of fire trucks to both legs. This table went from being just a table – to being a priceless piece of furniture that will be the heart of the firehouse.

One AP customer first created a custom table using a wooden top attached to live edge ash tree slabs that came from a tree that they cut down in their own yard. As if that was not custom enough, they went a step further and added laser engravings on multiple surfaces!

Laser Engraved Wood Table

They say tables are for gathering, and these last two tables will do the job. The granite table was used as a conference room table for CF Financial Services. The wooden table was created as a family heirloom that will be used for years to come.

Laser Engraved Wooden Bar Stools

Grab yourself a $20 stool from your local Walmart and transform it into a unique treasure that has more emotional value than can be measured. Depending on the artwork and customization, stools like the ones above go for $100 and up.

2. Laser Engraved Signage

An eye-catching sign is an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy, and this sign created with AP Lazer does not disappoint! Signs can draw attention to any business and help differentiate it from others on the street. Producing large-scale signs for local businesses can be a lucrative opportunity for any AP Lazer machine owner.

Check out this curved backlit entryway sign that utilizes not one, but three laser cut layers!

Laser Engraved/Cut Wood Sign
Laser Cut Acrylic Sign

3. Laser Engraved Auto Door

Laser Engraved Auto Door

People who are into auto customization are typically ready to personalize anything they can get their hands on! This truck door is a perfect example of a large object that can have priceless artwork added to it to create a dramatic statement! (Not only can AP Lazer handle large objects like a truck door, but see that Motorhead Garage Logo on the creeper and stool? AP Lazer did that too!

4. Laser Engraved Barrels

Large barrels are truly a unique commodity to all, and can even be quite expensive. Because of their uniqueness, you’ll be sure to make your money back after you add a custom laser engraving to the side or top.

Check out these laser engraved barrels that are headed off to In The Loop Brewing in Land o’ Lakes, Florida

Laser Engraved Barrels

5. Laser Engraved Flooring

Wood, slate, concrete, marble, and more… You name it, AP Lazer can personalize it, even if it’s flooring!

Laser Engraved Flooring
Laser Engraver For Flooring

AP Lazer’s patented design makes it possible to remove the laser top and place it directly onto a surface such as flooring. Schools, universities, and businesses would LOVE to have their custom logo engraved on the flooring of their business place. Talk about limitless possibilities! (Being the only laser company that can complete this task means this could potentially be a huge paying job!)

Laser Engraver For Marble Flooring

6. Laser Engraved Windows and Doors

Laser Engraved Glass Door

Yes, you can laser engrave a door! Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant or hotel and wondered how they got that beautiful design or logo on the door? This is a service that you can offer with AP Lazer; you better believe high-end hotels and restaurants are willing to pay the price. Why? Because priceless details like this are what make a business stand out in the crowd.

8. Laser Engraved Memorial Products

AP Lazer was born in the memorial industry and now there are AP Lazers in schools, sign shops, garages, studios, and more all over the world. Here is some proof that making things priceless is doable in ANY industry.

Personalization is a huge part of memorializing a loved one, and C02 laser engraving is an effective and efficient way to produce quality work that will last. From wooden and metal caskets to granite memorials and even musical instruments, AP Lazer is helping funeral homes and monument retailers provide families with a truly unique life celebration.

Laser Engraved Granite Memorial

Priceless, huh? Here’s to betting the receiver of these items was blown away with the finished product!

When it comes to producing emotional products with a C02 laser engraving machine, size capabilities are something to consider. The larger the laser machine, the larger the objects you can engrave with it. The larger the object, the higher the markup. The best part?

Why AP Lazer for Laser Engraving?

You probably know that there are dozens of C02 laser engraving machines on the market that are capable of engraving various materials. But, what you may not know is that AP Lazer is very different than all of the other laser machines when it comes to not only the patented design of our laser machines but the way we choose to do business.

  • Open Architecture
    Differentiate your business from smaller hobby machines and traditional boxed up laser systems that are saturating the market. Bring even the biggest and boldest dreams to life with a unique and versatile design.

  • Turnkey Solution
    We believe time spent researching is time you could spend getting your business going. That’s why our systems come with everything you need to get started. No additional costs, and no guesswork.

  • Unbeatable Support
    With lifetime 24/7/365 U.S.-based technical phone support, on-site training, and an engaged user community, you can rest assured your time will be spent generating money with your AP Lazer.

  • Unique Partnership
    We are a people-centered company and your success is the heart of it. We’re on a mission to build priceless relationships with our customers and to meet the emotional needs of all walks of life.

Another great showcase of AP Lazer’s potential is all of the shared success, products, and ideas displayed by our customers on our Before You Buy page on Facebook. So feel free to check out the awesome stuff that you can do with your very own AP Lazer!  

Ready to harness the power of AP Lazer and turn ordinary products into extraordinary treasures?

Contact us today to learn how we can transform your business.

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