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rock a laser funeral home

4 Ways Your Funeral Home Can Rock a Laser Engraver (+ a Bonus!)

rock a laser funeral home
As the funeral industry changes and evolves, personalization has become one of the trends that shouldn’t be ignored. Families want unique ways to honor their loved ones, resulting in a funeral that is not much of a funeral at all, but more so a life celebration.So maybe you’ve considered adding some technology to your operation, a piece of equipment that can personalize many products, materials, and experiences. Perhaps you’ve considered adding personalized laser engraving services to your offerings. But maybe, you don’t know where to start. So today, we’re sharing four ways you can utilize a laser engraving machine to help your families in their grieving process.

  1. Market the Heck out of Cremation (with personalization)

    Believe it or not, cremation can actually bring you success! Instead of just offering cremation, specialize in it. Many people who opt for cremation don’t necessarily choose it because it’s cheap. Although price is a major factor, memories of their loved one are more so. Instead of undervaluing cremation, put the value back into by showcasing a broad variety of cremation memorials and educating families on the importance of memorialization and personalization. A personalized laser engraving on an urn or memorial turns the ordinary into an extraordinary life tribute. Delight your families, and add hundreds of dollars of profit to your cremation sales. View SuperNova’s (our parent company) Cremation Solutions Catalog to see what kinds of products are available for your customers who choose cremation.

  2. Promote Tribute Memorials with Tribute Videos

    If you’re already offering your families Tribute Videos, you’ve created the perfect opportunity to offer Tribute Memorials. While a video capture a lifetime of memories, a tribute memorial laser engraved with family photos and special memories will keep your customers’ memories alive forever and help in the grieving process. Families will have gone through years and years of photographs and will already have favorite photos and memories in mind. Get inspired with Tribute Memorials here.AP16_BLOG_lazerock_photos_Paetsch3

  3. Offer Pet Memorials

    The pet industry is huge! Lucky for you, it lacks pet memorialization options. As a Funeral Director, helping families with the loss of their pet will be 2nd nature. Team up with local vets and pet stores to offer beautiful laser engraved pet memorials. It’s a growing 12 billion dollar market you need to tap into.laser engraved pet memorial products

  4. Personalized Keepsakes

    It’s becoming a popular trend give funeral attendees a little something to take away, a trinket or keepsake to keep your departed loved on in their hearts after the funeral. It’s also a nice gesture of thanks for their support. A laser engraving can add a personal touch, making a keepsake even more special. We’re liking things like mini glass hearts, river rocks, and even a wooden bottle opener. All of these can be laser engraved with an AP Lazer.  laser engraved keepsakes

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Bonus! Diversify with a Laser Machine

Once you are successfully offering personalized laser engraved options for your families dealing with the loss of a loved one, you can then move into the diversification aspect of your laser machine. You’ve spent many years building loyalty and relationships with your community, and now is an ideal time to let that payoff! People love personalized gifts to remember the special events in their life: the birth of a child, christenings, birthdays, retirements and weddings just to name a few. Did you know that the average shopper spends $830 on gifts each year? Imagine if 250 of your customers spent just a quarter of that with you. That’s an extra $50,000 in additional revenue in just one year! (More than enough to pay for your laser machine!) What about all the funeral attendees in and out of your facility on a weekly basis?

As far as diversification goes, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dozens of profitable markets that are just waiting to be tapped into!

So there you have it, four ways your funeral home can rock a laser engraving machine and even a little bonus.

What other ways do you think you could use a laser engraver in your funeral home? Let us know in the comments below.






rising cremation trend

Cremation Is a Gold Mine – If You Have the Tools to Dig

rising cremation trendAny market change can be the last nail in your businesses coffin if you ignore it. Especially fast changes such as the quickly growing cremation rate.

rising cremation rate stats

Ignoring the Industry Trend

Back in the late 90’s, when the cremation rate really began to climb, nearly everybody in the death care industry ignored it. Fast forward 20 years and the industry is now seeing the harsh repercussions from the fast growing cremation trend, the national average now sitting at over 45%.

The funeral industry is seeing a loss in revenue, a cremation service done by funeral home averages $3000, while a traditional funeral cost with a casket averages $7000. Some consumers are opting for a direct cremation, which requires minimal service from a funeral director and results in little to no revenue for the funeral home.

cremation or burial?Cemeteries are also being affected. They’re actually seeing where the future of cremation is headed before hand. Because most cemeteries rely heavily on pre-need sales, they actually “pre-see” the cremation rate 10 to 20 years ahead of everybody else. Today, cemeteries have more people calling wanting to sell their plots than people who are calling wanting to purchase one.

The industry most affected by cremation are the traditional monument retailers.The rise in cremation and idea of spreading ashes has dramatically reduced total number of traditional monuments sold. Cemeteries are diversifying into monument sales to make ends meet, and funeral homes have began diversifying into monument sales to supplement their loss in revenue.

Cremation and Baby Boomers

So what or who is behind the fast growing cremation trend? Two words: Baby Boomers. Also known as the “Me” generation. A majority of your buyers are baby boomers planning for their loved ones or pre-planning for themselves. This generation of people are known for making their mark and choosing to do things differently. They have no problem resisting traditions and they want everything to do with them to be incredibly personalized and a show of self-expression.

Baby Boomers and Personalization

Boomers are seeking products and services that are more unique than ever. The idea of personalization has resulted in an explosion of unique offerings that are personalized to commemorate all of life’s precious moments and memories. The “Me” Generation, those born between 1946-1964, are spending more money on things they want, rather than things they need. They may not need a personalized casket or memorial but when they see how it can capture their life and memories, they will want one. Read about ultra-personalized Tribute Memorials.

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Cremation + Personalization = A Gold Mine

By providing a variety of practical and desired solutions for cremation and personalization, you can turn the fast growing cremation rate into a gold mine. If your customers are opting for cremation, you MUST make sure they are aware of all of their memorialization options. Show them the many personalized cremation memorial options available. If you are not aware of them, you can get acquainted with our free marketing tools and cremation resources.

cremation and personalization

According to retail customers of SuperNova International, wholesale granite supplier, who successfully promote personalized cremation memorials, more than half of baby boomers who pre-arrange their cremation will chose a personalized cremation memorial when shown the options for both cremation memorials and personalization options.

Gold Mining Tools

Our patented AP Lazer system is the only tool that can handle all of your personalization needs for caskets, cremation urns, cremation memorials and traditional cemetery memorials. The convertible, two-part design was designed to handle bulky items such as cemetery memorials and caskets. Born in the monument industry, our team has many years of experience laser engraving granite and have since mastered casket engraving, urn engraving and the ability to engrave many other items.

laser machine configurations

You should also utilize SuperNova’s digital and printed cremation resources. We have spent years creating and developing cremation solutions to combat the growing cremation trend and fit the needs and desires of your customers.

cremation catalog

In Conclusion

You can lead just about any trend if you pay attention, do your research, and study. With the right tools, you can turn any change in the market into a gold mine!

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7 new profir streams for your business

7 New Profit Streams for Your Monument Business

7 new profir streams for your businessThe market is changing fast. Cremation rates are steadily increasing, and funeral homes, cemeteries and even sign business are diversifying into your monument market. A simple online search for “granite marker” makes it easier than ever for your potential buyers to purchase monuments online with a few clicks of their mouse. What can you do to add more revenue and profit to your business, and reduce the overhead of your monument retail business?

1. Add Family Photos to MonumentsLaser Engraved Tribute Plaque
Personalizing your current sales by use of a laser engraving machine can instantly add profit to your existing business. When a loved one passes, most families will spend hours sorting through photographs and memories. Adding these treasured family photos and memories to your current monument sales will add profit and additional cash flow instantly without adding any overhead. Delight your customers seeking a more personalized monument with high resolution photos laser engraved onto granite that will be admired for generations to come.

2. Capitalize on Cremation and Memorialization
Turn low cost cremation into a high profit opportunity when you pair our innovative cremation memorials with personalized memorialization, two rising market trends. Here are a few things you can do to promote cremation and memorialization:

  • Display cremation memorials in your show room, or utilize our online Monument Solutions Portal to display a variety of popular cremation solutions.
  • Educate your customers on the importance of memorialization
  • Showcase impressive personalization possibilities such as high resolution, high satisfaction laser engraved photos and memories onto granite.
  • Utilize our free promotional materials, such as our “Opting for Cremation” brochure, and other cremation resources available at no charge to our customers.

You should have no problem selling cremation memorials and delighting cremation customers with the above tips. Believe it or not, not all buyers who opt for cremation do so because of the cost, so always offer your most valuable and expensive cremation memorials first.

3. Offer Colored Laser Etchings
Add colorful value and profit! Color can be added to any laser etching, bringing your customer satisfaction to a higher level. When customers see high resolution, color photos that look like a real photograph on granite, their eyes and memories will sparkle. Color adds another level of light and life to an etching, and your customers will be delighted when they see the finished product.

4. Become the Heartbeat of Your Community!
There is no limit to what you can offer with your AP Lazer; you can provide war memorials, donation benches, fundraising bricks and many other commemorative pieces to your community!laser engraving machine memories

Display personalized gift ideas such as birthday, graduation, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day gifts. When people face death, they spend more money on precious items for their loved ones.

Monument retailers have wide connections in their communities; they have had intimate healing relationships with many families and have served their community for years. Every connection can become a revenue stream when you have an AP Lazer. There is a world outside of the monument shop, a world full of joy and love, a world full of precious memories that are being made every day.

An additional self-promotion idea: change up your business card (for example, “Smith Memory Care — we take care of all precious memories in life and beyond.”), and hand out your business card to everyone you meet.

AP Lazer gives you the competitive edge to break out of the box and diversify into life, changing your business from death care oriented to memory care, from cradle to grave!

5. Offer Pet Memorial ItemsLaser Engrave Pet Memorials
The pet industry is a growing industry that shows no sign of slowing down. In 2014, it was a 57 billion dollar market. People love their pets and consider them members of their family; pet parents are often left devastated when a beloved friend passes and will do anything to take the hurt away. Pet markers range in price from $89 – $499 each and can bring you many new customers.

6. Stay Ahead of Market Trends
The market is an ever changing place – as time passes and people change, new products and services are expected. Display and offer your customers our line of innovative products, including cremation memorials, garden urns and many special cut memorials. We are dedicated to studying the market and providing you with the latest products and tools you need to satisfy your customers.

7. Rejuvenate Your Marketingmarketing
Marketing tools can take you to the next level, and if you don’t have a budget for doing so, that’s where we come into play. We offer many free promotional tools to put you ahead of your competitors. From our Monument Solutions Portal, to our series of tri-fold brochures and product catalogs, our marketing materials are just one way we go the extra mile for you.

There you have it: 7 brand new profit streams for your business. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take your business to the next level and stay ahead of the market trends with our all purpose AP Lazer machine, built for any task!

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