Enrich your curriculum and engage students with a laser machine,

Laser Engraving and Cutting Machines for Schools and Universities

Enrich your curriculum and engage students with a laser machine,
What if there was a classroom tool that could help develop invaluable technical skills? What if the same tool fostered logical and creative thought processes? What if, on top of everything else, that tool could save your school money on engraved awards, commemorative tiles, and fundraising opportunities?laser engraver for classroom

How Will Students Benefit From a Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine?

With laser engraving and cutting machines for schools, students will be able to engrave glass, acrylic, plastic, wood, fabric, paper, and coated metals, just to name a few. They can also cut many of these materials. The ease of use for this machine means that with the proper initial instruction, students will be able to:

  1. Identify components of a laser engraving and cutting system
  2. Demonstrate proper safety precautions appropriate for a laser engraving system
  3. Describe vector images and how the laser cuts them
  4. Describe raster images and how the laser engraves them
  5. Use CorelDRAW to create designs for cutting and/or engraving
  6. Correctly focus an object to be cut or engravedlaser engraved school items
  7. Set power, pulses and feed rate appropriate for different processes
  8. Describe the advantages of laser cutters and engravers in the industry
  9. Understand the limitless possibilities that laser systems provide
  10. Realize the many opportunities that a laser machine opens for them out in the world

Laser Machine Benefits

Walk into almost any school fab lab or makerspace and you are likely to find one or more 3D printers—for good reason. They offer educators a cost-effective way to give students hands-on experience in STEAM subjects. But issues around print speed and uptime are prompting some schools to complement their 3D printers with laser machines, which open up new learning possibilities and have some distinct advantages over 3D printers. Take a look at the advantages a laser machine offers over a 3D printer.

How Schools Are Utilizing Laser Machines Today

Laser machines are already being used in educational settings across the country. Students in Kansas are utilizing the laser engraving machines in education to engrave footballs for homecoming and award medals for the cross country team. In Pennsylvania they engrave tiles to make into coasters as a fundraiser. In Colorado, students in the robotics club use the laser engraver to cut wooden models and etch logos into the bodies of their robots.

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A laser engraving and cutting machine can be used in art, science, and industrial classrooms and add numerous options to boost your curriculum. The skills that students learn and develop when operating a laser can help them excel in fast growing fields and industries that span the gamut.

What is the Best Laser Engraver for Schools?students with laser machine

When you introduce a laser machine into your school’s curriculum, there are so many learning opportunities that can be provided to your students. When students can learn hands on with something as cool as a laser,  it all of the sudden becomes fun and engaging!

AP Lazer machines are easy to use and give students more freedom and greater possibilities than any other laser machine on the market. From art classes to industrial shop classroom settings, many schools are quickly realizing that a laser engraving machine is a powerful tool that help develop in their students both creativity and critical thinking skills.

Do More with AP Lazer

Our patented open architecture features a removable laser top which allows students to use the laser machine in a variety of configurations; and complete larger and more complex projects. Keep the laser top on its home base and it functions like a traditional ‘boxed-up’ laser machine, engraving small items such as trophies and awards. Remove the top from the home base and place it on the Utility Carriage, and the operator can then roll large, bulky objects directly beneath the laser head for engraving or cutting. The equipped EZ Leveling Wheels allow one to adjust the four corners of the machine independently. Utilizing this feature also makes it possible to place the removable top directly onto any flat surface such as wood or granite flooring and engrave directly on the surface.

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Educational Discounts

If you are interested in laser engraving and cutting machines education discount for laser machinefor your school, university or community college, we have your solution.  All schools, universities, community colleges and technical centers qualify for a 10% educational discount. It is our goal to make AP Lazer the most affordable, cost effective multi-purpose tool in which your school will invest. Call a representative today at 800-585-8617 or contact us via our online form to learn how you can ignite the minds of your students by integrating an AP Lazer engraving machine into your facility.

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