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laser engraver for slate

Laser Engraver for Slate : Laser Engraving Slate

laser engraver for slateLaser Engraver for Slate

With common materials like wood, granite or leather saturating the laser-engraved market, you need to be able to stand out in the crowd with unique materials that offer beautiful results. That is when a laser engraver for slate comes into the picture.

laser engraved slate

Slate is one of the few options that fit that niche. A softer, fine-grained, deep gray stone, slate has the potential for an array of different projects. By nature of the stone, it has a property called fissility that displays many thin, flat layers. This is what gives slate it’s rustic, beveled edge. However, it is also offered with a clean-cut, smooth edge to fit any application.

With some testing, research and little trial-and-error, our technicians have found some tricks for the best results when using a laser engraver for slate.

How to Engrave Slateclear coat

1) Clean the stone of any natural dust or particles with a damp cloth, and allow to dry.
2) Spray the stone with a thin, but even layer of clearcoat finish. Allow at least an hour to dry (refer to your can of clearcoat for more specific drying times.) This is the clearcoat we use.
3) Align and engrave with your AP Lazer machine
4) Wipe off with cloth to remove any residue from the laser process
5) Enjoy the amazing results slate has to offer!

laser engraving slateWith our 100W laser, we’ve found a speed of 20 and a power of around 22 to produce some excellent results, but please do a little testing to find a combination you prefer!
Slate is great for both line drawings and portraits; it has shown excellent precision with high contrast and detail. Using our laser engraver for slate, we’ve produced few different projects on slate, check out the results below:

laser engraved slate

laser engraved slate

Slate Applications

There are dozens of slate applications, and a laser will only enhance the appearance of the slate. There are small items such as cheese boards, coasters and photo tiles that can be mass produced to make a profit. Larger applications for laser engraved slate are ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas including pool areas, patios, fireplaces, verandas and even flooring.  It’s important to have a larger machine to accommodate larger jobs; the bigger the project, the more profit you will make!

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Why AP Lazer for Slate Engraving?

You probably know that there are dozens of laser machines on the market that are capable of engraving slate. But, what you may not know is that AP Lazer is unlike all of the other laser machines on the market. AP Lazer’s two part, open architecture design makes it possible for users to engrave virtually any size or weight matieral, with no restrictions.

laser engraving and cutting machine

AP Lazer’s features will allow you blast out of the competition by offering services they can not.  A removable top makes it possible to laser engrave directly onto flooring of all types. See the AP Lazer difference here.

Lastly, compared to some other stones, slate is competitively priced. As a unique stone that offers outstanding potential, the profit margins for your business are huge!
If you’re interested in slate blanks in many different shapes and sizes, we are now featuring them in the AP Lazer Webstore. Click here to see what we offer.




success with a laser in 2017

4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Lead to Success in 2017!

success with a laser in 2017

1.  Buy An AP Lazer Machine

If ever you were going to stick to a New Year’s Resolution, this would be the one. This resolution will be more successful than last year’s on-again-off-again diet, and you’ll see the results almost immediately. If you need any help convincing yourself or your business partner, take a look at all of our blog posts. You can lease-to-own a brand new AP Lazer machine for less per month than you can buy a new car, with a much better return on investment. All of our machines come with in person, on-site assistance, US based tech support, access to AP Lazer University and one of the best warranties in the industry.  As an added bonus we’re always generating new ideas on how to make money with the AP Lazer. That’s kind of like buying a new car that includes an auto-pilot feature which can take you to where the money trees grow.

Ready to resolve? Download our free Laser Machine Purchasing Guide to learn more.

2.  Start a Business

Not as easy as the first resolution. But so worth it. Who doesn’t want to have their own business? Make your own hours, and a salary that is dependent on your own willingness to succeed. Sure it’s work, but anything good in life takes work.


This business you are opening can be a trophy shop or maybe it’s a wood crafting shop. Maybe it’s an auto customization shop. Regardless of your plan, AP Lazer will fit to you and your experiences and goals. Many customers have purchased an AP Lazer to be the center of their new business, and even more customers have purchased it to supplement and grow their current business. If you already have a business and want a laser but can’t quite figure out if it’s right for you, give us a call and a representative will help you on your path to success.

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3.  Pay For The AP Lazer Machine With The AP Lazer Machine

Yeah, you read that right! The AP Lazer will more than pay for itself. All it takes is a couple of laser jobs per month and you are on your way to paying off the machine, especially if you opt for one of our leasing programs. AP Lazer machines boast some unique features that will set you apart from other laser machines and give you the ability to make money fast. Realizing the potential and taking advantage of our patented open-architecture is extremely valuable and will provide you with many opportunities your competitors can’t provide. A few lucrative business opportunities that will allow you to pay off your laser machine in little time are: signage, memorial products and donation bricks.

One AP Lazer customer completed brick-engravinga 1000 charity brick walkway job and received $30 per engraved brick. The job took 12 days to complete, running the machine about 10 hours a day (85 bricks per day). 1000 bricks were purchased in bulk for $600.  Aside from electricity and labor costs, the company profited roughly $28k, enough to pay for his laser machine!

4.  Make Loads of Money Having Fun With Lasers

This is the best part. Anyone who has ever been a fan of Star Wars or sci-fi in general can get excited about working with a laser. (The good thing is, is that anyone who is not a Star Wars fan will sill have just as much fun working with the laser.) Sadly it doesn’t make a “pew pew” noise, but if you listen closely you may be able to hear a “cha-ching!”

Laser Art in 3 Easy Steps


This past week we’ve had loads of fun creating all manner of items for the National Art Education Association National Convention. Because, if you’re going to be showing a laser machine at a fancy art convention, you better have some pretty amazing pieces to show.

First, we went really big. We created a giant (we’re talking about 3 feet in diameter and about a foot and half high), neon, acrylic spider. Lovingly named Neorachnid. It was a challenge as we had never made anything quite like it before. But it was an incredible sense of accomplishment when we did get it put all together.

Next, we created a layered scene made from five layers of ¼ inch plywood. The top layer being the cutout and engraved image of three deer, then trees, then the first mountain, then a second mountain, and finally the back panel. Of course, it also needed to be stained and glued. Needless to say, we got our hands dirty this week. But it was so worth it! To see how both of these projects turned out visit our Facebook page.

But our last project was just so neat, and so incredibly easy we just had to share. So here we are going to tell you all about how to engrave the paint right off of the canvas.


Step 1. Paint the canvas.

So far we have only tried this with one solid color of spray paint, but as time progresses and allows we intend to try other paints and effects. We have hypothesized that the reason spray paint works so well (and lasers white) is because it lays on top of the canvas instead of soaking into the fibers. As we are engraving the paint off of the canvas, the “engraved” area will be white (the color of the canvas) so darker paint colors will give you higher contrast.

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Step 2. Prepare the file.

Pull together some cool artwork, either by creating it yourself or purchasing it. We have purchased some artwork off of and added a quote to the bottom. We used a vector file, but there is no reason you couldn’t use PhotoGraV to create a grayscale image to use.


Step 3. Laser it.

Make sure to level and straighten it. We used Lasercut to create a box the size of the canvas in order to assure the art was centered on the canvas. Just make sure that layer is not selected to engrave or cut when you download the file. On our 100 watts AP Lazer SN4836 we used a speed setting of 50 and a power setting of 25. But we always recommend testing out your machine on sample or scrap material before going into the final product.

That’s it, enjoy it! Great work, now let’s find a spot to hang your beautiful artwork so that the world can adequately absorb your creative genius!

personalized granite pet memorials

Personalized Pet Memorials Prove to be a Growing Trend

personalized granite pet memorials

Whether you have a beloved Fido or Scruffy of your own, there is do doubt about it – people love their pets. People cherish their pets and consider them members of their family. Instead of kennels, pet owners opt for doggy day cares which provide the best socialization, play time, and even scheduled naps and meals. You can now take your pet to a doggy day spa and even purchase designer clothing for them. All of these trends are parts of why the pet product industry brought in $58.04 billion in 2014 and is well on its way to the predicted more than $60 billion in 2015. But what about personalized pet memorials?

Where the Pet Industry Falls Short

With so many options for pets available, the lack of memorialization options for our furry friends who have left the earth is surprising. Many vet clinics offer cremation services, but for the most part, owners aren’t given many other options for dealing with the loss of a beloved companion.

Offering personalized pet memorial products is a great way to capture part of this booming industry. Pet owners want to memorialize their pets, just as they would memorialize a family member.

Accroding to CANA, The pet memorialization market is one of the fastest growing deathcare markets in the United States and Canada.

Pet Memorial Product Ideas

Pet Urns. Urns start at around $40 and go up from there. We even spotted a hand blown glass cat urn for a whopping $345. Personalizing any urn increases the value significantly.

Personazlized Pet Urn

Granite Pet Memorials. Easily engraved by a laser engraving machine, a memorial is a great way to commemorate a pet just as you would a family member. There are many styles of memorials available, from mini upright monuments, shaped flat markers to plaques perfect for displaying on a mantle inside.

laser engraved pet memorial products

Pet Cremation Jewelry. From metal dog tags that start at roughly $75 to fancier keepsake charms going for $165, personalized pet cremation jewelery is just one way to keep your pet close to your heart.

Personalized Photo Frames and Other Gifts. Personalize with names and dates, photos and more to create a one of a kind keepsake for your customers. Custom gifts start at around $40 and go up from there.

wooden engraved photo frame

This rising trend in pet afterlife care opens up a whole new market for businesses who have the equipment to offer personalized and customized items.

Interesting Pet Statistics

  • Three in five Americans own pets. 70% own dogs, 50% own cats.
  • One-third of pet owners frequently buy their pets holiday gifts. (A great personalization opportunity!)
  • Women are more likely than men to own pets. Women are also the main gift buyers in most households.

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Personalized Pet Products

In addition to the under-saturated market of pet memorialization, the personalized pet product industry is another market segment that is worth mentioning. There are plenty of ways to capitalize on personalized gifts and gear for living pets as well! Pet owners are more willing to spend more money on personalized food bowls, tags, toy boxes, collars, etc. than the generic versions. It’s easy to spend money on your family and sometimes a good pet is better than family.

laser engraved personalized pet products

Why Offer Personalized Pet Memorials?

The real question is, why not? The pet product industry is lacking memorial options. There is a market there and aren’t many businesses providing for it. If you are looking for a new business idea or to expand your current offerings, the pet memorial business may be for you.

Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity? Give us call at (800) 585-8617, email us, or fill out our contact form.

How to Laser Carve a Pumpkin

HOW TO: Laser Carve a Pumpkin in 6 Easy Steps

How to Laser Carve a Pumpkin

This is a quick tutorial showing you how to “laser carve” a pumpkin with your AP Lazer machine. You can laser engrave just about any vector artwork, text, and even your brand logo onto your pumpkin and make quite a statement as Halloween quickly approaches. So here it goes – how to laser carve a pumpkin in 6 steps. (assuming your artwork is ready to go.)

  1. Pick it.

laser engraving pumpkin

Choose a crisp fall day and head to your local pumpkin patch. Look for a larger pumpkin with a flat, smooth side. You may want to pick up a pumpkin for testing purposes so that you may test your design and decide on the depth of the carving.

  1. Move it.

laser engraving pumpkin

This is the reason that AP Lazer is the best choice pumpkin lasering, no matter how big the pumpkin is, you can simply roll the Z-table out from under the table to roll the pumpkin directly beneath the laser head. Make sure to unplug the table from the laser before you roll it out, which can be done by reaching around to the back, right-hand side of the laser and pulling the cord out.

  1. Level it.

laser engraving pumpkin

Make sure to level the pumpkin as well as you can on the cart, so that the flattest side is up and it isn’t at risk of rolling away. We used two similarly sized and shaped pieces of wood on each side of the pumpkin to keep it from rolling off, and some thin wood wedges on the other two sides to further level it and keep it in place.

  1. Laser it.


We set our AP Lazer machine at a 6 speed, 95 power, and 500 dpi. You may want to alter the settings if you want a deeper cut. We cut in about an eighth of an inch to achieve our desired effect using the 4 inch lens to combat the uneven surface of the pumpkin. Total run time was about an hour and a half. Sadly, as the pumpkin was being lasered, it did not smell like pumpkin pie as one would wish.

  1. Gut it.


This part may have actually taken the longest, but we saved the seeds and have been munching on them here in the office for a couple days, so it was most definitely worth it. We also cleaned it up a bit before we began gutting it. The burnt flesh of the pumpkin was left behind in the crevices and recesses so we used window cleaner, paper towel and compressed air to clean it up. But not to worry, any black sludge left behind will just add to the creepiness of your Halloween decorations!

  1. Glow it.

laser engraved pumpkin

The best part of any project is seeing the finished product! Never having done a jack-o-lantern where it isn’t cut all the way through, we weren’t aware of how much lighting would be required to show through the flesh of the design. In the end, we used a few electric candles of varying heights (that we picked up from a craft store) to get the desired brightness as well as the flickering glow like you would get from real candles.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your beautifully and masterfully carved pumpkin. And pumpkin seeds.

Click here to watch the video!