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How to Add (even more!) Profit to Popular Wood Products

October 18, 2016 add profit to wood

A laser machine is a tool every woodworker needs. This single tool can both laser cut wood and laser engrave wood with speed and accuracy you can’t achieve with any other woodworking tools.If you’re a woodworker you are probably familiar with wooden products that are popular among consumers. What you may not be aware of, […]

Put the “S” in STEAM with a Laser Engraving Machine

October 12, 2016 laser steam tool

Getting students excited about Science has proven to be a battle for primary, secondary and even post-secondary education teachers and administrators. Because of this, STEAM education is rising in popularity; some even say the concept is vital to our future, and the future of our children. But how do we recruit the children of today […]

Laser Engravers for Fab Labs and Makerspaces

October 5, 2016 Laser Engraver for Fab Labs

Laser Engravers for Fab Labs or Makerspaces A high-precision laser machine produces both functional and beautiful items, making it one of the most used tools in a fab lab. It’s ability to cut and engrave dozens of materials allows anyone with access to one to quickly go into production with whatever designs they can dream […]

What You Need to Know About Laser Engraving Bricks

September 23, 2016 laser engraving bricks

If you want to provide laser engraved bricks or pavers for fundraising campaigns, the first and most important thing you will need is a tool to engrave them. The cleanest and easiest method for doing the job is with a laser engraver for bricks. Fundraising bricks are a great way for organizations to raise funds, […]

4 Ways Your Funeral Home Can Rock a Laser Engraver (+ a Bonus!)

September 14, 2016 rock a laser funeral home

As the funeral industry changes and evolves, personalization has become one of the trends that nobody should ignore. Families want unique ways to honor their loved ones, resulting in a funeral that is not much of a funeral at all, but more so a life celebration. So maybe you’ve considered adding some technology to your […]

2016 Fall Conventions

September 8, 2016 events header

It’s Convention Season! Fall is practically here, which means convention season is in full swing; we’ve got a busy end of 2016 planned! From Las Vegas to Kentucky, were excited to be displaying and helping businesses grow and diversify with our versatile, open architecture laser engraving machine design. Who: Attendees include participants from all facets […]

What is STEAM?

August 31, 2016 AP16_BLOG_STEAM_banner

Amongst parents’ Common Core Facebook rants are ever-climbing college tuition rates and presidential candidate platforms on student loan reform. When it comes to education today, there’s only one topic that makes educators, students, and administrators light up: STEAM. What is STEAM? Not to be confused with the water vapor variety, STEAM is a newly defined […]

7 Awesome 3D Laser Products made with a Laser Engraving Machine

August 31, 2016 3d laser art

Instant 3D Laser Gratification Imagine creating products with materials designed to last a long time, getting them faster than ordering on Amazon Prime, and costing much less than what you can but in a store! We’ve searched high and low on the web and found some of the most impressive 3D laser cut products. If […]

Some Simple (but Effective) Business Math

August 1, 2016 Some Simple (but Effective) Business Math

When you own a business most decisions come down to one question: Does the math make sense? If you make a purchase will it pay itself off? Or better yet, will you make an immediate profit? For example, purchasing a new hearse will cost around $100,000. On a 60 month lease it will cost about […]

How to Laser Engrave a Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug

July 27, 2016 How to Laser Engrave a Stainless Steel Tumbler Mug

Laser Engraving Stainless Steel Tumbler Mugs Stainless steel mugs and tumblers are increasing in popularity, and there’s a reason. These bad boys, manufactured by companies such as YETI, RTIC and Silverback are said to be indestructible and can keep your tasty beverages colder and hotter longer than any other tumbler on the market. With consumer’s […]

6 Laser Engraving Websites to Check Out

July 19, 2016 laser engraving websites to check out

When you’re as into laser engraving and cutting as we are, you’re always looking for incredibly unique items that can be laser engraved/cut. Because a laser engraving machine can alter just about any material, there are hundreds upon hundreds of things you can create. A couple of Google searches resulted in quite a few makers […]

Laser Engraving Wood with AP Lazer

July 7, 2016 Laser Engraving Wood with AP Lazer

Laser Engraving Wood In spite of all the design, craftsmanship, and effort that is involved, woodworking is a tough business that generally has low margins. Consider laser engraving wood. You can dramatically increase the profit on the wooden products you design, create and offer. Woodworking in America is a business that goes back for centuries. […]

Laser Machines for Education

June 22, 2016 Laser Machines for Education

Laser Machines for Education What if there was a single tool that kids were excited about that helped teach science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics? Well, there is. That tool is a laser machine. We all Love Lasers Seeing cartoons and movies as children where heroes and heroines used laser guns and lightsabers to […]

10 Mind-blowing Artists and Makers Using Lasers On Wood

June 10, 2016 10 Mind-blowing Artists and Makers Using Lasers On Wood

From paper and textiles, to stone and metal, AP Lazer machines can be used on nearly any material, but one of our favorites to work with is wood. It’s a renewable, biodegradable, timeless, and universal material that’s downright gorgeous in its own right. When spruced up with etched illustrations or custom cut into a unique pattern, wood becomes even […]

Purchase and Leasing Economics for Funeral Homes

June 1, 2016 Purchase and Leasing Economics for Funeral Homes

From 2005 to 2015, the cremation rate increased from 32.3% to 48.5% (16.2%). 2104 funeral homes shut their doors during the same period. Do the math. That means that for every 1% rise in cremation, 130 funeral homes close their doors. By 2030, the predicted cremation rate will be 71%. At the same rate, 2925 […]

Become a Memory Care Provider with AP Lazer

May 16, 2016 Become a Memory Care Provider with AP Lazer

What does it mean to be a Memory Care Provider? Become a Memory Care Provider means taking part in all of the memories and precious moments for those in your community, opposed to just providing them services when death occurs. There are many life events that deserve to be remembered: Christenings, birthdays, graduations, wedding, retirements […]

Introducing LAZEROCK by AP Lazer

May 11, 2016 Introducing LAZEROCK by AP Lazer

Large screen, ultra-HD TVs displaying a lifetime of high-resolution photos with memorable music as the last beautiful memory of a loved one has become every funeral’s core element. Every family has dozens of precious family photos engraved in their minds. Getting multiple family photos laser etched onto a monument is gaining more and more popularity, […]

Displaying Your Memorialization Products

May 6, 2016 DisplayBlog

What is a memorial? To truly excel in the area of memorialization display, it is essential to understand fully the purpose memorials serve. An effective memorial is a legacy. It is a physical object which is imbued with the memory of a family or individual’s loved one. A memorial – as well as a memorial […]

AP Lazer: The Ultimate STEAM Machine

May 4, 2016 AP Lazer: The Ultimate STEAM Machine

What do laser machines have to do with STEAM? An essential part of how innovation arises from STEAM-based projects is the process of “making”. Making is simply hands-on creation – building a scale model or prototype, for instance – and much of it happens in “makerspaces” or “Fab Labs” (short for fabrication). Makerspaces are today’s new […]

10 Upcycling Ideas for Earth Day

April 22, 2016 10 Upcycling Ideas for Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day this year by using your AP Lazer to upcycle old materials you have lying around the house. Not quite sure what upcycling is? Just check out these 10 cool ideas that we found. 1. Bland Jacket → Edgy Accessory For inspiration on how to upgrade your old attire, take a look at some […]

The Importance of Pet Memorialization

April 8, 2016 The Importance of Pet Memorialization

People cherish their pets and consider them members of their family. Instead of kennels, pet owners opt for doggy day cares which provide the best socialization, play time, and even scheduled naps and meals. You can now take your pet to a doggy day spa and even purchase designer clothing for them. All of these […]

Laser Art in 3 Easy Steps

March 21, 2016 Laser Art in 3 Easy Steps

This past week we’ve had loads of fun creating all manner of items for the National Art Education Association National Convention. Because, if you’re going to be showing a laser machine at a fancy art convention, you better have some pretty amazing pieces to show. First, we went really big. We created a giant (we’re […]

Customer Spotlight: MD Custom Engraving

March 2, 2016 Customer Spotlight: MD Custom Engraving

In 2010, MD Custom Engraving LLC purchased their first laser engraving machine, a jewelry engraving machine. Maya Dickemore took on most of the work because of her flexible schedule. But due to the size restrictions of the laser machine they had to turn away a lot of work. When Michael Dickemore was laid off from […]

Laser Engraved Personalized Urns

February 12, 2016 Laser Engraved Personalized Urns

Why Offer Laser Engraved Personalized Urns? With a large portion of your customers choosing cremation combined with the rising trend personalized goods and services your customers are now expecting, it is important for your business to offer products to satisfy both of these rising demands. Why not do that with laser engraved personalized urns? You […]

A Complete Guide to Laser Engraved Wedding Goods

February 3, 2016 A Complete Guide to Laser Engraved Wedding Goods

A wedding is something most little girls dream about and the world knows it. That’s why the wedding industry makes over $72 billion per year. This includes everything from venues to rented forks. The average wedding budget is $20,000, and a laser machine can help you capture part of that. In this blog, we’ll review […]

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