Why You Need a Laser Machine for Printing

laser machine for printing

The screen printing industry has been around for more than one hundred years. There is something special about having an idea in your head and having it come to life.  Enter laser cutter and engraver. AP Lazer has seen the commitment of so many business owners creating priceless products for their customers, and print shops are no exception!

If you own a print shop, we’re sharing exactly how a laser machine for printing will allow you to diversify your products and offerings while expanding your customer base, too!

A Laser Machine for Printing Integrates With Existing Infrastructure

The most important thing about adding a laser machine for printing to your existing set up is that your print shop is already built for a laser! You most likely already have a graphic designer and processes set in place that carries out your daily functions. Because a laser functions much like a traditional printer, it will be easy for your staff to learn. The most confusing part of running a laser is working with Corel, a software your designers are already skilled in.
Ap Lazer Laser Cutting Acrylic

Large Object Laser Engraving and Cutting

When it comes to a laser machine for printing, you want one that offers you the most versatility to complete any job. You never want to turn down a customer because your machine can’t handle their request. When looking for a laser, make sure that it is large enough to handle your needs. You never want to be limited. Our laser machines feature a patented open architecture that you won’t find on any other laser machine on the market. With this feature, you can roll out the home base – or Z-table – and place large, bulky items directly beneath the laser beam to be cut or engraved. Check out these 10 huge objects you’d never dream of laser engraving!

Priceless Laser Machine Printing

Along with the versatility you will experience with your AP Lazer, you can also tap into a huge, unexplored market that umbrellas dozens of markets and industries. Just like Nike sells inspiration, Harley Davidson sells dreams and Starbucks sells community and the human spirit. All of these brands are capitalizing on the priceless elements of life. Priceless engravings can top them all.  Your AP Lazer will make it possible for you to capture inspirations, dreams, memories, love, humor, and the many other emotions and feelings onto nearly any surface! Check out these 10 products made priceless with a laser.
Engraved Bricks School Fundraiser

The Options Don’t Stop There

With a laser machine for printing, your options are practically unlimited. The versatility of a laser means that you can transform just about any material from ordinary to extraordinary. Lasers can alter the surface of brick, granite, glass, acrylic, wood, cardboard, and even transform delicate paper into a work of art. They also have the capability to cut through materials, including wood and acrylic – which are ideal for creating eye-catching signage and merchandising displays.
Laser Engraved Personalized Gifts
A laser machine for printing has the capability to add massive amounts of pure profit to nearly any product on the market by adding priceless personalization to an otherwise dull product.  Don’t believe us? Check out this article where we feature exactly how to charge 400% more for your products.

Your Customers Already Want Custom

As a print shop, you understand your customer’s desire for a personalized product. Why not capitalize on their specific needs by offering even more personalized goodies? You AP Lazer will make it possible for you to tap into dozens of profitable markets. For example, the US wedding market is a whopping 150 billion dollar market, and the US sporting goods market is 211 billion! Chances are, you may already be working with people in these exact industries! With an already established customer base full of people who are interested in custom pieces and an already priceless product offering, adding a laser to your toolkit is a no-brainer.

Materials For Laser Engraving And Cutting

Although investing in a laser won’t ever replace any of your existing printers, it can help you grow and diversify your business in ways you never thought possible, while adding a very competitive element to your products. You’ll be able to offer your customers countless items such as business signs, plaques, awards, promotional products, and foremost, offer something that other businesses can’t.

AP Lazer in ActionImag0120

We spoke to Kevin Schafer, owner of Crown Trophy in Grand Ledge, Michigan. They purchased an AP to replace their twenty-year-old laser that just couldn’t keep up with their demand anymore. “The AP Lazer improved our capabilities. It was much more efficient and improved the speed and size of orders we could perform at one time.”

Schafer told us they’ve been experimenting with fabric designs that are then sewn on shirts, which is a terrific example of utilizing an AP Lazer for many different uses. Shafer said, “We used an old sweatshirt and had to figure out the best fabric to use, cut a fill and outline, stitched it on to the front of the shirt, and it worked well with the right fabric.”

Along with the new development of fabric designs, Crown Trophy engraves the things like trophies, donor walls, plaques, promotional products, plates for the back of medals, acrylic and crystal pieces. “The acrylic and crystal pieces probably make up about 95-98% of things we engrave.” They also engrave flexibrass, coated steel, and aluminum. This is a prime example of the diversification opportunities available with a laser machine for printing!

There’s Even More!

In addition to putting your print shop business growth into overdrive, we offer a few other things that will make you more confident than ever before when adding a laser to your set-up:

  • Patented Open Architecture – A roll away home base is what sets AP Lazer apart from any other laser system on the market. This feature makes it possible to add custom artwork and personalization to nearly anything, regardless of its size or weight! You never know what you might end up engraving! You can learn more about our open architecture here.
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support – Our team of technicians are always just a phone call away, and ready to help.
  • Turn-Key Packages – No matter which machine you decide is right for your business, they all come with all of the accessories, tools, and software you need to get started making money right away. No hidden costs, ever!
  • 1-2-3 Warranty – We offer a three-year part, two-year tube and mirror, and one-year lens warranty, one of the best warranties in the business.

To learn more about what you can do with our versatile laser systems, or to set up a one-on-one consultation, click on an option below.

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