The RDWork v8/ system supports the following formats: Vector format: dxf, ai, plt, dst, dsb, and related formats. Bitmap format: bmp, jpg, gif, png, mng, and related formats.

  • 2834af5aab2c8003f970d1ce11a4d1d3?s=32&d=mm&r=g STACY Lawrence says:

    Is vector the inside cut out and it f so what is the outside cut out called ?

    • 985d640524fb586fff6331ff216f50e9?s=32&d=mm&r=g Gabriella Carlisi says:

      Hi there! A vector is a clean image that is scalable, you can convert a jpeg or png to a vector DXF/SVG file. This will be able to cut or engrave. The cut would be the outside and the engrave would be the inside.

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