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Something to Consider Before Purchasing a Laser Machine – Part 1

laser machine tipBefore your business invests in an AP Lazer System, here is something to consider…

1. Who will be responsible for running your AP Lazer machine?

Most of the time, business owners want to run the machine. However, I suggest that the owners’ time be spent performing direct revenue generating activities like sales, marketing, and business operations. Instead of an owner operating the machine, a business can hire a few graphic design students or new graduates to create the artwork for your engraving jobs.

Tip: Contact local community colleges and universities. They have internship programs and fresh graduates who are actively seeking new jobs. In addition to designing artwork and operating the machine, a graphic design student should be able to create/maintain a website, set up a social media campaign, and do all of the online/offline advertising for your new machine. You may consider training and utilizing a few interns at once and then hiring the best of the bunch full time.

Stay Tuned for another question to consider before purchasing an AP Lazer!





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