What do farms, construction companies, and landscapers have in common? They all have a really busy season followed by a season of significant profit loss.

What better way to bring in some extra income in the winter months that with a laser engraving machine?!

Diversification is a no-brainer for nearly any business in any market. Explore new territories and increase your reach along with your customer base. Capitalize on what you know is popular using the customer base you already have. It’s that easy! When your overhead is paid by your current business, you have dozens of new markets to explore with little to no risk involved. Customers are realizing that they can find huge success in a number of markets and reap huge rewards! So what’s holding you back?

Let’s explore some examples of ways your business can diversify with a laser:


Surprisingly enough, we get a lot of farms that add on a laser to have some supplemental income during the winter months. Some popular items they may get into are cutting boards, glass (honey jars), gaming boards (corn hole), jewelry, leather items, signage and of course, farmhouse furniture.

Laser Engraved Cutting Board, Clock And Bean Bag Toss

Construction / Home Builders

There is an unlimited amount of things you can do with a laser in the construction industry. Anything from custom backsplashes, floors, furniture, cabinets signage, and home décor. With our open architecture design, there is nothing to stand in the way of your creativity. Your interior will easily be the talk of the town. Impress your friends, family, neighbors, and potential new clients, with your one-of-a-kind custom home décor that you made! How cool is that?! Check out this blog for some helpful tips on how to decorate your house using your AP Lazer.

Laser Engraved Kitchen


If there’s no grass to mow or snow to plow, how can you keep busy in the winter months? With a laser of course! The AP Lazer is much more versatile than one might think. While your laser can easily engrave items such as wood and metals, you can also use the AP Lazer to engrave more out of the box items, like bricks, and even larger items like outdoor furniture. We have attended the GIE (Green Industry & Equipment) show in Louisville for a few years now, and get many landscapers interested in our lasers to keep them busy and still generate revenue during the winter months.

Laser Engraved Items For Landscape

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