Kyle shows off the AP Lazer

Here we are, a little over a month after the NFDA 2016 show and we just can’t get over it. Not only was it incredibly fun, but we had such a good reaction to the granite we brought as well as, obviously, the AP Lazer machine.

A Chat With a Snowman

We got a chance to talk to the snowman that was meandering the convention and it was interesting to hear an outsider’s opinion of the event. He said he had been a mascot for many years but when he received the call for this job he was left wondering what exactly a convention hall full of funeral directors was going to look like. He was happily surprised. Sure there were caskets, urns, and granite, but there were also children running around, people putting on a mini-golf green, and even a wine tasting event. He said that the whole thing actually left him with a much better perception of the death care industry as a whole. It also got him thinking about pre-planning his own funeral.

People attending the NFDA

Deathcare: Alive and Well

While he was a joy to speak with, the most important thing that we gathered from our conversation is that the death care industry is still a strong, thriving, family-operated affair. Everyone we spoke to about the AP Lazer was excited by the opportunities it creates. Because no matter how great your business is doing there isn’t a business owner alive that wouldn’t be happy if their business did better. If it brought in more revenue, more profit.

Diversification was once again a huge topic of conversation, we constantly talk on our blog about all the diversification opportunities, but the NFDA convention was a great opportunity to get back to basics. We talked a lot about those simple to do, high return projects. Personalizing urns is big and so are fundraising bricks. As you may have read in our brick engraving blog post, a laser engraved brick can be sold for $13-50 each. At a cost of $3.75 per brick that is $370-$1850 of profit for one array of bricks in an SN4836 laser machine. (48”x36” engravable area, 4”x8” bricks.) That alone was enough to convince many people of the ROI on an AP Lazer machine.

If you need more convincing feel free to call us at 800-585-8617 or email . We look forward to speaking with you!



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