Snow is falling. The lights are on the tree. The smell of baked goods in the air. Presents are all purchased and ready- oh they’re not? Well, maybe we can help you with that. People get particularly crafty when it comes to the holiday season. Whether it’s to save money or to give a more personal gift, there are loads of choices. Pinterest holds, of course, one of the most expansive arrays of ideas, recipes, directions, and inspiration for such gifts. We have searched high and low collecting our favorite lasered holiday gift options, both for your enjoyment and hopefully for your inspiration.

1. laser-improved cutting boards

First off is the laser-improved cutting boards. We thought this was such a great gift idea we are going to making a few of our own this week. (Keep a lookout for the video.) Wooden cutting boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. We picked up a heavy-duty, round one for less than $15. Once we add our own personalized touch, it will be worth so much more. Other kitchen items include an embossed rolling pin that makes your sugar cookies extra pretty and engraved bottle openers. What is a holiday celebration without a little craft beer to keep your whistle wet?

Laser Engraved Cutting Board

2. Wall art and décor

Another great gift project is wall art and décor – we found several instances of creativity on this. Everything from felt coasters, to plaques with family names and quotes, to puzzle piece holiday-themed coffee table decorations. One of our favorites is a map of the U.S. with spots for beer caps. Which would be particularly cool for a traveling beer connoisseur. For a local touch, cut out a single state. This is a perfect gift for a family or friend living in a state with a multitude of micro-breweries. (“Yay!” for Michigan’s 150+ breweries!)

Beer Cap Us Map

3. Gift Boxes

There is no reason why the laser cutting and engraving must be restricted to the inside of the present. Engrave a wooden keepsake box to hold whatever store-bought gift you’ve picked up. Add a laser-cut card or gift tag. Gifts that you feel are falling a little flat can be bumped up to 10 with a little personal touch.

Laser Cut Gift Tags

4. Ornaments

Ornaments always make a great gift. Our personal favorite is a set of laser-cut, light-colored wooden snowflakes. Pair those with some white lights and a thick red ribbon for a very classy tree! Hang them in the window to bring the pretty (not frozen) part of the snow inside. This is the kind of gift that you’ll definitely want to make for yourself as well as your recipients.
Laser Cut Ornaments

5. Clothing

This isn’t quite as practical, but it would be the gift of the season. Instead of knitting someone a sweater, why not laser cut them a leather jacket?  You can be certain that it won’t be worn to the ugly sweater party they are attending next weekend.

Laser Cut Sweater

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many opportunities to explore this holiday season. If you want more pictures or ideas check out our Pinterest boards; specifically, “A Very Lasered Christmas”. So many of these ideas are easily accomplished with our new portable laser – click here to learn more about it!

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