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The SN4836 is our largest and most popular laser system. It’s large 48″ x 36″ engraving area makes it ideal for all of your laser engraving needs. With it’s patented removable laser top, and open architecture, this laser cutting and engraving machine offers little to no size or weight restrictions.

If you are looking for a laser machine with virtually no restrictions or limitations, the SN4836 is your answer. Blast into donation bricks and stone, while powering through thick acrylic and other porous materials with a high-power 100w laser tube.

The SN4836 laser cutting machine is ideal for custom laser cutting and engraving onto nearly any material including flooring, large doors, counter tops, commercial signage and much more.

Adding custom laser engraving to your business is a lucrative way to add value to products you’re already selling, introduce new product lines as well as create laser cut products from scratch.

Our laser systems are also excellent for any facility that produces signage, works with metal, wood or other products. They are easy to use, easy to integrate and produce a quick ROI.

The SN4836 comes with:

  • All machine accessories and software, at no additional cost
  • Lifetime 24/7 technical support
  • A robust 3-year warranty (3-yr. parts, 2-yr. lens/mirror, 1-yr. tube)
  • Access to AP Lazer University, our exclusive learning portal
  • Access to a very active Facebook User Group

If you have more questions about the laser machine, please call us at 800-585-8617 or contact us.


Key Features of SN4836 LASER MACHINE

Removable TopYesCO2 Power100 watts
EZ Leveling SystemYesPower Consumption1000 watt max (w/ 130w upgrade)
Workspace48” x 36” (1219 x 914mm)Engraving Speed0-50”/s
Material Processing Area1728 sq. in.Utility Carriage Footprint8.18’ x 5.08’ (2493 x 1550mm)
Connection to ComputerUSBSize RestrictionsNone
Weight RestrictionsNoneLaser Tube Life10,000 hours

Technical Details of SN4836 LASER MACHINE

  • Split your machine in half – place it atop the utility carriage and roll large objects beneath to laser.
  • EZ Leveling Wheels allow you to adjust the four corners of the machine independently. The EZ Leveling system reduces the need to use shims to level materials and increases safety when working with heavier materials.
  • State of the art, 80w - 100w laser tubes provides exceptional performance, advanced stability and is highly efficient. Reci laser tubes are liquid cooled, economically replaceable, and easily aligned. Cutting speed is often doubled and a longer life span is expected in comparison to other laser tubes.
  • Control both speed and power with the computer and/or the control panel on the AP Lazer. A percentage based power setting that allows for corner compensation when utilizing cut mode operation. Speed is controlled by a literal setting rather than a less reliable percentage based system. Speed can be set from .001 inches per second up to 31 inches per second. This system of speed control allows for ultimate precision when making speed adjustments.
  • Vents out smoke, dust and fumes. AP Lazers are equipped with a blower and 6″ fitted aluminum flexible vent that attaches to the top of the machine. If fumes are harmful, an additional filter is required (not packaged with AP Lazer.)
  • The X and Y-Axis are fixed on linear guide bearings. Linear guide bearings provide a precision glide, allowing for increased speeds while maintaining impeachable accuracy. With proper lubrication and normal operational use, the bearings should last a minimum of three years.
  • Vents out smoke, dust and fumes. AP Lazers are equipped with a blower and 6″ fitted aluminum flexible vent that attaches to the top of the machine. If fumes are harmful, an additional filter is required (not packaged with AP Lazer.)
  • Configure your files to perform a variety of tasks in one single pass.
  • AP Lazer plugs directly into the common 110v electrical outlet. No special plugs required.
  • The AP Lazer system utilizes the industry preferred high-speed micro-stepper motors. The design of the stepper motor provides a constant holding torque without the need for the motor to be powered. Provided that the motor is used within its limits, positioning errors don’t occur.
  • The laser machine interface software allows for the handling of numerous file types from many types of photo-editing and CAD software packages. (Including but not limited to: CorelDraw X7, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and CAD software platforms.) The interface is compatible with Windows® XP/7/8/10 both 32bit and 64bit operating systems.
  • Standalone controller with 128MB of independent memory allows for processing and storage of numerous larger sized files. The standalone controller allows for computer free operation once the file has been downloaded to the controller.
  • The Red Dot Diode provides a visual aid that assists in finding your starting position and proper positioning of your material to be engraved or cut.
  • The AP Lazer System allows you to select from 9 different starting positions in reference to the image or file to be engraved/cut. This allows for ultimate control and ease of operation breaking the confines of a “home position.”
  • While resolution is user controlled up to 1000 dpi, the actual engraving dpi is dependent upon the size of condensing lens installed on the laser engravers. The standard 2 inch condensing lens has a point of impact of .003 inches, allowing for approximately 300 dpi. The AP Lazer has additional lens sizes available allowing for different levels of precision and detail.
  • High pressure air assist provides protection to the condensing optics and enhances engraving/cutting performance by removing debris and restricting combustible gases from the engraving surface, reducing the chance of fire.
  • The AP Lazer Systems allows for multiple modes of operation. Engrave or “raster” mode will allow the engraving of bitmap images and/or vector files. Cut mode will allow for the cutting or tracing of vector file formats. You may also combine the different operations with different layers to perform multiple functions during a single operation.
  • AP Lazer Systems utilize high quality rubber belts. The less rigid rubber belts are ideal for prolonging the life of the stepper motor drive systems and pulley bearings by not applying a constant rigid torque on the components.

How does the AP Lazer machine work?

A laser machine works by directing a very powerful laser beam at a precise focal length onto a variety of materials. Depending on the speed and power set, the laser beam will either remove the surface of the material or cut through it.

What makes AP Lazer different than other laser machines?

Unlike its competitors, the AP Lazer system is a two part machine. No other machine on the market has a removable laser top which allows you to use the laser machine in a variety of set-ups. Keep the laser top on its home base and it functions like a traditional ‘boxed-up’ laser machine. Removing the top from the home base and place it on the Utility Carriage to roll objects directly beneath the laser area or place over a conveyor belt. The equipped EZ-Leveling system allows you to place the removable top directly onto any flat surface such as marble or granite flooring and engrave. See the AP Lazer difference for yourself.

Is the AP Lazer machine easy to learn and use?

Yes! Our set up assistance will help get your laser machine up and running in no time. In addition we provide detailed manuals, 24/7 technical support, online videos and exclusive access to our AP Lazer University online learning center. Whatever your preferred method of learning is, we have you covered.

What comes with the AP Lazer Laser machine?

AP Lazer machines come as complete packages that include everything you need to get started laser cutting and engraving to make priceless products right away. You will see the included accessories and software on each machine page.

What is the largest size material I can engrave?

Due to it’s removable laser top and open architecture, All AP Lazer machines are designed to accommodate virtually any material, regardless of weight, shape, or size. Personalize items as small as a peanut to as large as a car!

What are the computer requirements?

All AP Lazers come with a laptop computer that has all of the requirements needed to operate the machine. The compatibilities are as follows: Windows® XP/7/8/10 both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. The file transfer is performed via USB connection to the computer at speeds up to 500KB per second or via USB flash drive direct transfer.

What kinds of graphics can AP Lazer Laser machines cut/engrave?

Essentially, anything! Any photo, clipart, bitmaps, text, logos can all be engraved. You will need vector based graphics to cut, and raster files are traditional for engraving.

What materials can be cut or engraved?

All AP Lazers are capable of engraving and/or cutting a wide variety of materials. View the materials list on each machine page. If you have a unique matieral, speak to an expert for material testing.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer many financing options. See our Financing page for additional information.

What are the consumables?

As with all laser machines, the tubes, mirrors, and lenses have to be replaced with use. Our machines are covered by a 3 year parts warranty with the laser tube, mirror and lens covered for two years.

Is there any laser machine maintenance?

Routine maintenance will keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. Keep the rails clean and free of debris by wiping them down on a weekly basis and using a 3-in-1 oil. Regularly cleaning the lens and mirrors will keep them from getting damaged. Over time, the laser tube will need to be replaced. Normal life of the laser tube is 8000-10000 hours (costs only 12 cents an hour to run). We offer a two year warranty on the laser tube. The remaining parts carry a 3 year warranty.

Utility Carriage

Supports the laser top when the z-table is removed. This configuration provides an open area for lasering large items.

Mechanical Lift Cart

Place large, bulky objects on the lift cart and roll directly beneath the laser head. For use when removable laser top is place on the Utility Carriage. Weight capacity: 2,200 lbs.

Rotary Table

Utilize our patented removable laser top by removing it from the base and placing it atop the Utility Carriage. This configuration allows for lasering small to large items beneath.


AP Lazers are equipped with a blower and 6″ fitted aluminum flexible vent. If fumes are harmful, an additional filter is required, but not included.

Air Assist

Provides protection to the condensing optics and enhances engraving/cutting performance.

CorelDRAW 2019

Corel has it all: a quick, intuitive workflow, high-value digital content and design tools that let you do more than you ever thought possible! Create layouts for any laser job and please your customers using CorelDraw!


Specifically designed for laser machines. Processes scanned photos allowing them to be lasered into a variety of materials.

Safety Glasses

Protect yourself from potentially hazardous debris and high power laser radiation.

2816, 4024, 4836 Materials

  • Wood - Engrave & Cut (1/2")
  • Granite - Engrave
  • Brick - Engrave (80w)
  • Acrylic - Engrave & Cut (3/4")
  • Glass - Engrave
  • Coated/Painted Metals - Engrave
  • Ceramic - Engrave
  • Cloth - Engrave & Cut
  • Leather - Engrave & Cut
  • Marble - Engrave
  • Melamine - Engrave & Cut
  • Paper - Engrave & Cut
  • Rubber - Engrave & Cut
  • Wood Veneer - Engrave & Cut
  • Fiberglass - Engrave & Cut
  • Tile - Engrave
  • Plastic** - Engrave & Cut
  • Anodized Aluminum - Engrave
  • Stainless Steel - Engrave*
  • Brass - Engrave*
  • Titanium - Engrave*
  • Bare Metals - Engrave*

*CO2 lasers can mark bare metals when coated with a metal laser marking material (LMM) solution. AP Lazer does not sell LMM solutions directly but they are available through retailers like LaserBits. As we do not manufacture the LMM solutions, we are unable to guarantee their effectiveness. Please follow-up with LaserBits and/or LMM solution manufacturers for additional information.

**NOTE: Do not engrave PVC and other potentially harmful plastic materials. Consult the plastic manufacturer and/or obtain a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to verify safety.

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