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Laser Engraving Equipment in a Production Facility

We often are asked if AP Lazer laser engraving machines can be incorporated into an existing assembly line or production facility. Companies that already have an assembly line in place producing their products include automotive manufacturers, industrial suppliers, plastic manufacturers, and monument retailers. The answer is: Absolutely! We currently have many corporations of all sizes that are taking advantage of AP Lazer’s open-architecture to provide a cost-efficient solution to their small or large scale production facility, including plastic manufacturers, industrial suppliers, monument retailers, and signage shops. AP Lazer’s open architecture and two-part design allow for the top of the laser machine to be removed and placed on a stand over a conveyer belt system. As products pass through, they stop beneath the laser head and a laser engraving is permanently marked on the item before it moves on.

Ap Lazer Over ConveyerOur AP Lazer specialists can custom build an AP Lazer machine to fit your company’s needs, making production possibilities endless. Custom builds include specific sizes, increased wattage of laser tubes, and overall mechanical build of the laser engraving machine. When customizing your AP Lazer, expect it to take anywhere from 2-3 months. Most often, we have a machine that will suit your needs.

Whether you need parts marked or other laser engraving needs, AP Lazer is the answer if you are looking to streamline your processes.  AP Lazer marks and engraves parts with a state of the art, Z Series Reci 100/130w laser tube provides exceptional performance, advanced stability, and is high efficiency. Reci laser tubes are liquid-cooled, economically replaceable, and easily aligned. The AP Lazer System allows you to select from 9 different starting positions in reference to the image or file to be engraved/cut. This allows for ultimate control and ease of operation breaking the confines of a “home position.”  Control both speed and power with the computer and/or the control panel on the AP Lazer.  Unlike other machines, the AP Lazer plugs directly into the common 110v electrical outlet.

AP Lazer machines utilize the LaserCut Interface, which allows for the handling of numerous file types from many types of photo-editing and CAD software packages. (Including but not limited to: CorelDraw Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCAD, and CAD software platforms.) The LaserCut interface is compatible with Windows® XP/7/8 both 32bit and 64bit operating systems. The file transfer is performed via a USB connection to the computer.

All machines come with one-on-one training and set up at your facility. As with all technology, there will be a slight learning curve but most are able to catch on very quickly. Advanced training is available, as well as 24-hour tech support.
Learn more about AP Lazer’s laser engraving machines capabilities in this video:

If you’re looking to add a laser engraving machine to your production facility, click here to contact us or call 800-585-86171 to speak to a representative.


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