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How To Appeal To The Emotionally Motivated Consumer Using An AP Lazer

You’re enjoying your favorite TV show when an ad for Coca-Cola takes over the screen. You immediately feel a sense of happiness. If you’re anything like me, you may even shed a tear over the commercial. It is that touching. It gives you all of the feels.

Why is this type of emotional marketing so wildly successful?

According to Psychology Today, people rely on emotions, rather than information to make a decision about a brand. Emotional responses to ads are more influential than the actual content content of an ad.

Take a peek at this CocaCola ad from 2010 and tell us you don’t feel all kinds of emotions: happiness, positivity, and whimsy are all feelings you’ll probably have.

Coke isn’t the only brand that relies on emotional marketing to sell their physical products. Nike spends over $3 billion dollars selling inspiration, determination, and triumph. Their ads rarely, if ever, mention their products at all.
Big brands use this type of marketing all of the time to sell their products, and they do it well. Don’t recall the last time your emotions were toyed with through an advertisement? Check out these 15 Examples of Emotional Marketing 
Apple does it. Google does it. Subaru does it. Even LEGO does it.
An AP Lazer can help you emotionalize you brand and help appeal to the emotional consumers in your existing markets. 

Is Emotional Marketing Out of Reach for Small Business Owners?

Nike AdsThe surprising answer is no. 
Chances are you don’t have a multi-billion dollar budget to work with. Heck – you may not even have a marketing budget at all.  But this doesn’t mean that you can’t bottle up emotion and sell it.

We know you’re wondering… How?
With AP Lazer, small businesses can now engrave love, memories, inspiration, and happiness onto almost any product, instantly turning an ordinary product into an emotional treasure.

This level of emotionalization was not affordable for small business owners and entrepreneurs, until now.
You may not have the ability to reach people quite like Coke and Nike do, but the emotional value you can add to just about any product can make people feel the same emotions that these companies spend billions of dollars on.

Love. Happiness. Comfort. Inspiration. These are the feelings and emotions that can be engraved onto nearly any surface.
You don’t need a huge budget. You just need an AP Lazer, a bit of creativity, and the ability to produce meaningful things for your customers. It’s quite simple, really.

Adding personalization to a product takes some time but the payout is massive. When people’s emotional needs are met they seldom are concerned about cost. The very experience of purchasing an emotionally satisfying product is priceless in itself.

Del Sol Laser Creations Quote

Emotionalization Has its Perks

Laser Engraved GiftsThink there’s no money in personalization? (here are ten other myths you’re probably believing, too) Think again.
Adding personalization to a product takes some time but the payout is massive. When people’s emotional needs are met they seldom are concerned about cost. The very experience of purchasing an emotionally satisfying product is priceless in itself.
Research shows…

  • Customers who personalize a product engage more with a business and turn into repeat clientele.
  • Customization differentiates businesses from their competition.
  • Small retailers can deliver value through customer service and making highly personalized products. Price is no longer the main point of contention for a vast number of savvy consumers.

Creating personalized products creates a huge circle of happiness, joy, and repeat business that most other business models struggle to obtain:

  1. When you create the product, you’re happy to be creating something extra special for someone.
  2. When your customer sees the final product, they are thrilled.
  3. When your customer gives the final product to the recipient, both parties feel an immense amount of emotion. (This kind of emotion is rarely felt with ordinary, store-bought goods.)
  4. The product you created is treasured and kept forever. A single product has the ability to generate 10x it’s worth in profit over the next few years.

The word of mouth advertising created by a single product has the potential to send dozens of new customers your way, only for this cycle to be repeated.

Why Size Matters

AP Lazer’s patented design allows users to access the emotional market with no size limitations. This means that you can turn even the largest of items into emotional treasures.
Ap Lazer Machine Line Up
With our standard configuration, you can cut and engrave trophies, signs, gifts, and jewelry, much like a traditional enclosed laser machine.
Our open-architecture allows you to cut and engrave bulky objects such as furniture, windows, large signs, and wine barrels; freeing you from the limitations of an enclosed machine.

Our laser systems can even be integrated with an assembly line workflow using conveyor belts, lifting equipment, robotics, and other machining tools.

AP Lazer’s patented design makes it possible to engrave timeless photos, meaningful quotes, and heartfelt memories onto objects as small as a peanut to objects as large as a two-ton granite memorial.

What Does Size Have to do With It?Laser Engraved Boxes

Large object engraving generates a higher markup and is an untapped market of huge profit potential. Even if there are competitors in your area offering engraving services, they will not be able to accommodate the large objects your AP Lazer is capable of.  In your initial research, you may not think much about the size of your machine. Don’t overlook this detail.

We spoke with a few current machine owners who have experience running multiple size machines, and this is their best advice:
“Purchase the largest  AP Lazer machine that you can afford.”

Combine the ability to emotionalize hundreds and hundreds of products with no size limitations and you’ll soon realize how much profit and happiness lies ahead for your business.Facebook Comments

Ready to Purchase a Laser?

Here are five steps to get you on the right path as you plan for the next chapter of your life or business:

Step One: Consider your Potential Clients

Begin with a customer base you know. For example, are you part of a church community? Do you have connections with schools? Think about local businesses and how you may be able to help them grow with your laser. Make a dream market list and write down all your potential customers.

Step Two: Start with the Low Hanging Fruit

Make another list of products your target market is most likely to buy. Research online and reach out to the AP Lazer “Before You Buy Group” on Facebook. This is a highly valuable resource where you may ask current AP Lazer owners what products are most popular for your particular market.

Step Three: Determine What Your Business Stands For

Come up with your core values and mission statement. Ask yourself, how can I make my customers happy with my products on an emotional level, and how do I want my customers to perceive me?
For example, “I want to capture my customer’s personal and emotional needs while giving them an unforgettable and highly professional experience when buying my products. I want them to see me as a high tech, creative, and loving friend who brings them joy and happiness.”

Step Four: Make a Business Plan
Write a one-page business plan and make sure you follow all the regular procedures in starting a business, i.e., register your business name, implement an accounting program, etc. A great place to start is with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Brainstorming Ideas

Step Five: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
(We’re not talking about the $4 billion dollar type)
Use all the marketing tools that are at your disposal. You can begin social media marketing immediately with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Drop off some engraved goodies to local businesses or organizations to generate some word of mouth marketing. Don’t forget some sleek and engaging business cards!

Expanding Your Business with AP Lazer

Once you are on solid ground with your business, covering your overhead, and making a profit, this is the time you can begin to expand your business.

Engrave this “triple-a” into your mind:

Always be Marketing

Wherever you go, whoever you meet, bring something unique that you laser engraved for conversation.
Load up your phone with images of emotionally resonant products and be ready to show people. Any party or social gathering can lead to opportunities.

Always Be Experimenting

New materials, new products, new designs – there are hundreds of materials and millions of products you can experiment with. Always try to go where no one has gone before.

Always be Creating
Always try to surprise your customers with something new and exciting. Be creative. Brainstorm with your team, your family, your friends and you’ll find that your AP Lazer business can be the most enjoyable and satisfying work in the world!

Diversification with an AP Lazer

Diversification is a no-brainer for nearly any business in any market. Explore new territories and increase your reach and customer base. In addition, with the customer base, you already have, capitalize on what you know is popular.
How much value can you add to these already profitable markets by offering priceless products full of emotion?

Laser Market Industries

  • Alcoholic Beverage Market: $254 billion
  • Furniture: $150 billion
  • Jewelry: $69 billion
  • Pet Products: $73 billion
  • Sporting Goods: $61 billion
  • Small Wedding Items: $72 billion
  • Firearms: $52 billion
  • Woodworking: $69 billion
  • Windows/Doors: $37 billion
  • Awards/Trophies: $32 billion
  • Flooring: $32 billion
  • Small Gifts: $72 billion

As you can see, an AP Lazer can open up many doors for not only your business but your life. After all, isn’t the ultimate goal to be happy doing whatever it is that makes us money? When you are happy serving your people, the money will flow easily.

Ready to jump in? Click here to see how you can create happiness with an AP Lazer.



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