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“Not only are [the students] intrigued by how it works, but they also realize the many opportunities that a laser machine opens for them out in the world. Some of them see it and immediately think of how to start a small business using it, while some see it as a useful tool for existing enterprises.” Steve Shannon, Instructor, John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center

“If money were no object, the laser cutter would be my No. 1 tool, as it is perhaps the most versatile tool that I have ever used.
Casey Shea, California high school math teacher and “Maker Educator”

“The number of things we could find to use this machine for are countless! There isn’t a program offered today which hasn’t been changed with the incorporation of technology. This is why we selected a laser engraving system, and it has definitely improved our curriculum.
George Danford, Career Center Director

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Hear from those who have used AP Lazer devices first hand. Our machines help improve profitability by expanding the range of products and materials that can be customized with our lasers.

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