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Recently, AP Lazer traveled to Johnson City, Tennessee to film an episode for Performance TV, which airs on the Velocity Network and MAV TV for the first time this weekend. Each week the Performance TV team features the top innovators in the industry. From everyday drivers to street rods to race cars, they show the audience how to crank up and improve their performance!

Laser Engraved Car Door

Teaming up with Powder Coat Finishes

AP Lazer machine owners Powder Coat Finishes, LLC joined us for filming. PCF has discovered that any item that is powder-coated becomes an ideal surface for custom laser engravings and markings, and have successfully customized various automotive parts such as cylinders and valve covers. While filming the show, they demonstrated utilizing a laser machine with the powder coat process.

Laser Engraved Car Door

Using a laser machine in the automotive industry

From customizing engine covers, brake calipers, and branding small parts such as belts and gap caps, your possibilities are endless. AP Lazer’s unique design provides the ability for an engine block, a transmission, a car door, and even fabric or leather seats to be engraved. Laser marking and engraving doesn’t involve inks or other chemicals, making it a very clean and cost-efficient method of marking your products. Bottom line, if you are looking to stand out from your competitors, an AP Lazer laser engraving machine is the tool you need.

Mav Tv And Velocity

See us at SEMA SHOW 2015

If you’re attending the upcoming SEMA show in early November, be sure to stop by booth #38237 Wednesday around 1:45 to visit the hosts of Performance TV and Motorhead Garage talk with AP Lazer about our versatile laser systems!

For more information about AP Lazer, give us a call at 800-585-8617, email us, or fill out our online form.

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