Lansing, Michigan

AP Lazer, a Co2 laser engraving and cutting the machine invented and manufactured by a Lansing business owner is being showcased today at Lansing Center’s Michigan Funeral Association convention. AP Lazer is revolutionizing the funeral industry, turning funeral directors into life directors – it has students from the Mortuary Science Program at Wayne State University very excited about the future of their careers.Laser Engrave Large Objects

Originally invented to engrave caskets, urns, and cemetery monuments, AP Lazer has an extremely wide range of applications. Its convertible architecture features a removable z-table that allows users to engrave even the largest and bulkiest of items in addition to smaller products such as personalized gifts, trophies, signs, and much more. AP Lazer opens up a wide range of new markets: guns and sporting goods, furniture, and interior/exterior decorations, shoes, and blue jeans. With an AP Lazer, the funeral industry can now capture all of life’s precious moments and memories, not just end of life events.

“In the last 50 years, undertakers have evolved into funeral directors and funeral parlors have become funeral homes. Funeral professionals are more respected than ever.” Dr. Li, the inventor of AP Lazer explains. “In fact, life is a process of making precious memories – not making money, or anything else. When life ends, a lifetime of memories erupts like a volcano. You are not in the death care industry, you are in the memory care industry; you are not a funeral director, but a memory director. “Dr. Li said to the students. The inventor of AP Lazer challenges the students: “Can your generation of funeral professionals evolve into memory directors? Birth is a memorable event, graduations, weddings, anniversaries and retirements are all beautiful memories that deserve your attention and services. A funeral is only a small part of one’s life, it‘s the ending to the beautiful poem of a life well-lived. Your business will be memory care, from cradle to grave and beyond.”
Laser Engraved Memorials

AP LAZER’s capacities enable funeral professionals to engrave every memory, every artistic vision, and every inspiration on every surface of life.

If you would like to learn more about AP Lazer’s revolutionary laser engraving machine, please call (800) 585-8617 or contact them here.

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