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AP Lazer Delivers a Christmas Present and Fantastic Customer Service

When purchasing a laser, there are a few questions you should always find the answers to. One of the more essential questions is. “What kind of service can I expect?”

Here at AP Lazer, we are OBSESSED with service. From the moment you show interest in our laser systems to the entire lifetime of your machine, we stand with you to ensure that you are not only 100% satisfied but successful as well. We do this by setting our standards high and hiring only the best, most dedicated employees, and offering things like LIFETIME 24/7 technical support, a three-year warranty, and a staff that is ready to help at the drop of a hat.

Through this service and dedication, we have built a unique family of machine owners and fanatics that are also willing to do the same.
We’re thankful that we have dedicated customers across the U.S., many of who are willing to open their doors to those needing to see the laser in action and hear what a real-time user has to say about their machine, service, and working with AP Lazer as a whole.

Sometimes, this leads to interesting relationships… And a ginormous life-size Christmas present delivered to a special customer!
When Kevin S. wanted to see AP Lazer in action, he was welcomed by current machine owner, Larry N.

Laser Engraved Christmas Sign

Here’s what Kevin had to say about his visit with machine owners, Larry and Janet:

Kevin S:
“I would like to thank Shannon from AP Lazer and Larry & Janet N.  for answering all my questions and the informative demo. If Larry and Janet are any indications of the type of user support I will receive, there is absolutely no doubt I made the right choice with AP.”

Larry’s response:
Kevin, congratulations and thank you so much for the very kind words. We Thank you for becoming part of the AP family; you will not regret the decision you have made, because this will enhance your business so much and will open a whole new world of appearance to your products that are above and beyond excellence. Janet and I are always here for you if you need help when it arrives, please do not hesitate to call, we will be more than glad to help set up, Thank you again, and please keep us in the loop.”

The fun didn’t stop there, though. After a few back and forth comments in our Facebook Group (Click here to join it!) about Kevin feeling like an 8-year-old waiting for Christmas morning, Larry was on the phone with the team here at AP plotting a unique delivery of the machine that would soon be helping Kevin grow his business.

Larry told us how excited Kevin was about the delivery of his new machine, and asked us if we could do something extra, like “put a big red bow on top.” This wasn’t enough for a team of creatives who are obsessed with service. So what did we do?  We decided to turn the machine into the biggest and best Christmas present that Kevin could ever hope for! After five rolls of wrapping paper, lots of tape, and a few laughs, Kevin’s brand new AP Lazer was ready to go.

His response was priceless. Here’s what Kevin had to say about his special delivery:

“Well needless to say I was very impressed with the efforts of all involved. It spoke volumes as to the company, and its employees. That sign/tag will always a special meaning to me and will hang over my Lazer.”


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From all of us as AP Lazer, happy holidays, and may the service you receive with your purchase bring you happiness for years to come.


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