We believe great customer service doesn’t end once you receive your AP Lazer. In our eyes, that’s when it has just begun.

Let’s start with a short story from the owner of AP Lazer:

“My mom always complained to my Dad: ‘You work for everyone but me! If the salt shaker falls over, you don’t pick it up’. My Dad just smiled at me and winked while I was helping him, quickly turning his concentration back on his multimeter or soldering iron. I’ve known the color rings of a resister since second grade. In his spare time, my Dad was always repairing radios, TV sets and other electronics for relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues never charging a penny. ‘He is the best electrician in town!’ a stranger once told me when I was a small boy.

Today, it’s common to pay $150 per hour for technical support services. Because of my father’s actions and generosity, I have a hard time charging people for that kind of service. Last night, an AP Lazer customer called my personal cell phone. I solved his problem in ten minutes while sitting at the bar in my kitchen eating my nectarines. Turns out, he had broken a wire on the step motor driver. After we found the problem and got it solved, I felt like I enjoyed my nectarines much more than I would have had I eaten in solitude. What could of taken my customer hours or even days to figure out on his own, was able to be solved in ten short minutes. No matter what time of day or night it was, I felt great knowing that I saved my customer hours of frustration. And, like I said, my nectarine tasted better too.

When I started AP Lazer, I decided that I wanted to be that 10 minute guy that would save customer hours of trial and error. I wasn’t sure if I could do what my Dad did, as he fixed everyone’s problems for free. Technicians are not free to hire, but I will try my best. At least I will not charge for my time on phone support. I give you permission to call me direct on my cell phone: 517-303-0689. As long as the boss doesn’t divorce me, my line will always be open.”

Post Purchase Customer Support

1. Set-Up Assistance and Basic Training

Once you receive your AP Lazer system, a representative will be in contact with you to schedule your set up assistance and basic training. We are currently offering virtual training for the foreseeable future. The SN1812 and SN2616 come with four hours of training, while the SN2816, SN4024, and SN4836 come with eight hours of training.

  • 4 hours for 1812 &2616
  • 8 hours for 2816, 4024, 4836

2. Technical Support

In the middle of a job and need immediate help? We’ve got your back. An AP Lazer technician is always just a phone call away with our 24/7 US-based technical support hotline. Remote log in assistance is also available.

laser machine tech support

3. Advanced Training Class

More information to come!

4. Facebook User Group

Join our online group of machine users and technicians to ask questions, share advice, and get laser engraving tips.

5. AP Lazer University

All machine owners will gain access to exclusive information available through our online learning portal.

1 3Year1 300x2886. Warranty

All AP Lazer machines come with a warranty like none other in the industry. All AP Lazer Systems carry a three-year parts warranty, a two-year tube and mirror warranty, and a one-year lens warranty. Also available is an extended warranty if you’d like additional peace of mind.

6. Laser Engraving Machine – Operation Tips

If you run into a problem while laser engraving, especially if you’ve made a mistake on an important job, pick up the phone and call immediately. Do not change anything! When the problem is in front of you, it is easier for a technician to diagnose. If it is after hours, call our 24/7 tech support line. We have developed many techniques to save your job.

If you are running an expensive job and don’t know for sure if you’ve got everything right, or if it is your first-time laser engraving a certain material, call us! Additionally, you can ask other machine users in the Facebook User Group.

If you’ve just had your machine installed and received training, try to spend at least an hour a day playing around with your AP Lazer for the first month. If you run into any problems or have any questions, give us a call. The sooner you learn the little tricks, the more you will benefit in the future.

We want nothing more than for you to succeed! Have questions about our laser engraving systems? Email us, use our online form, or give us a call at 800-585-8617.

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